Featured Store: ~Cysleek Fashion Design =^.-=~

~Cysleek Design =^.-=~    started originally in 2011 as ~Cysleek Tattoo Design =^.-= ~. Owner and creator Kiraa Andel focused mainly on tattoos. Desiring to let her creative juices really  flow she decided to expand  her artistic flare in to clothing design and developed a fashion line dubbed  ~Cysleek Fashion Design =^.-= ~, which was for both women and men. In order to not to use all these long store names and to keep ~Cysleek =^.-= ~ brand the creator decided to merge both brands into one sleek name, ~Cysleek Design =^.-= ~!
I have to say Kiraa Andel did a fabulous job too! I really enjoyed the pieces she sent to me for review.
This sassy outfit by ~Cysleek Design =^.-=~     is a four piece Stripe Tear Outfit (sky), 300L. It comes with a tears tattoo, mesh to, skirt and shoes. The dreamy blue earrings are part of the Giselle Opal Set - Dreamy Blue  created by Maxi Gossamer 99L. It comes with a necklace in three lengths, earrings and a  ring . The  Gold And Silver Miriam Bangles Set With Turquoise Stones is also by Maxi Gossamer and is 199L for a set that comes with two bracelets one thin the other thick and a set of earrings to match. The lovely mesh hair style, Maycee, is new from Tameless Hair, 99L this week only. Shape is also a creation of Tameless, Liv shape, only available with the full avatar for 299L. The gorgeous skin is from Pink Fuel - Alyx <Hazel>, no longer available. Wings are Entangle by Favole, 60L. Ears are by Lemon Tea, 175L. Streetlamp with Poses is by ::LISP:: , 10L. Photobox by @Melroo's Place, unavailable for purchase.
This sporty outfit by ~Cysleek Design =^.-=~     is a three piece Mesh Sport Outfit (Trash Blue), 300L. It comes with mesh jumper, normal layer top and shoes. The sporty hair style, Flower, is new from Tameless Hair, 99L this week only. Shape is also a creation of Tameless, Liv shape, only available with the full avatar for 299L. The gorgeous skin is from Pink Fuel - Alyx <Hazel>, no longer available. Photobox by Frozen Panty Poses.

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Be sure to hop over and give this store a gander, they have some  great stuff for freebies too!

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