MIDweek MADness Sale 2nd-4th

I found a few more items I wanted to share with you from the MIDweek MADness sale. This sale runs Tuesday - Thursday, so if you see something you like don't put off getting it.

Syrenz Shadowz

First up is an awesome build from Syrenz Shadowz, the Blood Turning Vampire Island. I loved this island and I am not even a vampire. This build was just amazing to explore all the details. It's footprint is 32x32, 56 prims and has several moving parts. There are 3 sits on chains and there are animations for attacker, victim and 4 vampires.The MIDweek Sale Price: 155L

The second item is also from Syrenz Shadowz, an adorable fur snuggle rug.  It is 10 prims and contains 37 couple, 6 singles, and 6 friends animations. The animations are really good quality. This is one that I will keep. You can get this at the MIDweek Sale Price for 205L.

Made by .. Houses & Furniture

The final item I want to share is actually two items in one package for 99L by Made by ...Houses & Furniture. The  *Stormy Weather* Gazebo is pretty cool. It has two shades that close on the gazebo for privacy. One are pretty brown curtains that move horizontal and then it has a sheer white curtain that comes down vertically. The Gazebo is 23 prims with a foot print of 15x15.  Then you also get the *Stormy Weather* patio set to go inside. It comes with three chairs, a hanging fireplace and lamp. It is 31pims. Each seat has animations in it.

I hope you enjoyed this preview of some of the items you can get in this weeks sale. You can get the full list by pasting the following url (secondlife:///app/group/74c59354-52a9-7722-c7f5-bc76bd9b923e/about ) in your public chat in game and join the free inworld update group. The full list is in the notices of the group.

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