The Great Zombie Adventure!

The air turned crisp and the sun raised up on a sunny October 1st. Taliferrue couldn't hold in her excitement as she journeyed to Yellow JesteR to join up with her cohorts in crime, Arraya Warblood and Lacey Daylight for a bit of shopping. She always loved a good hunt for goodies.

Stopping along the trail Taliferrue see's an alarming sign. "What!!" she exclaims, "Zombies are not real!" Nervously she looks around wishing silently  her daughters would show up faster.

Shrugging she wanders over to a
nearby tree swing, slowly swinging she waits for the girls. Jumping at the eerie sounds of the owl nearby, she darts a furtive  glance at the grave yard across the way ignoring the unmistakable sound of crunching foot steps.

 "Hi, Mom!" echoed over the hollow as Taliferrue turned to see her daughters bounding down the hill at her. Letting out a sigh of relief she waved at them anxious to tell them of the bizarre sign she saw on the way to the shop.

Full of pep and cheer the girls quickly get to the swinging tree and stop short eying their mother's shaken appearance. "Are you alright Mother? Arraya asked her voice full of concern, "Your white as a ghost" Gesturing to the girls to sit down she quickly tells of the sign and the eerie moans she has heard.

"You can't seriously believe that sign, can you Mom? Arraya utters after Taliferrue is done with her tale of waiting.

"Of course she doesn't Arraya, don't be stupid!" Lacey snapped at her twin. "Mother isn't that gullible. The sign has to be a hoax." Taliferrue looked at both of her daughters shaking her head at them "I don't think its a hoax" she said as she started walking up the path " You look at the sign." The twins walk behind their mother looking at each other like she has lost her mind.

Closer to the sign they could see people shuffling about the Yellow JesteR Store. Low moans and exclamations of  "Brains, I want the brain", "Ya, I got the brain" The Brain's are over here" and "Hey, I want that brain too!" echoed out to the girls as they stood by the sign. "See" Taliferrue says gesturing at the sign and looking off at the apparent infested store "It's an Zombie Outbreak!"

 The girls hearing the moans grabbed their mother and  raced off to find their father, Mel. He would would know what to do, he always did.They found him at Othrive, shopping for a new Quantum Stream Life Preserver. Taliferrue rushed up and started gushing the events of the day out to her spouse. Going so fast he looked at her as if she went insane and refused to listen further till she calmed down.

Once Taliferrue could speak multiple words at one time instead of a string of monosyllabic sounds. Mel had her calmly explain to him once more why she thought the world was being over taken by Zombies. He's ever so skeptical eyes looking at her as if she had defiantly  lost her sanity this time.

"Whoa, wait back up there Tali, You say they were fighting over brain's in the store?" His face showed his disbelief  "Did you see this? Them actually with brains?"  Looking at his daughters he raised his eyebrow, "Has she been drinking?"

Crossing her arms and scrunching her nose at his comment Taliferrue objected "No I have not been drinking I am telling  you they were zombies...the sign said so." Fidgeting she turned to look toward the girls her eyes brushing over Mel's crossed arms. Her eyes pausing on the bandage on his hand. "Your hurt, what happened to  you?"

What this?" Mel held up his hand. The girls gasped and Taliferrue pulled back looking at Mel in a new light. Rolling his eyes  at their reaction  "Pfft I cut my hand on the can out front when I tripped. Its nothing." He dismissed their fears, vowing quietly to himself not to upset Tali more with the story of his encounter with the mugger earlier in the day. Letting out a sigh of relief Taliferrue held his hand softly looking worried  "Well, what shall we do then?"

"I don't know what ya'll are going to do" Lacey said laughing mischievously "but I am going to buy this hammer to smash some zombies heads if any come near me. " In fact," eying her sister," I may start on Arraya for practice."  Arraya not to be out done picked up a hammer also and said "oh, no you don't I'll smash you first" Shaking his head at his daughters Mel strode forward, took the huge hammers out of his daughters hands. "Let's just call it a night and go home? I am sure with some food  in all our stomachs we will think clearer. I know I haven't felt myself all day."

Back at the house, Mel goes to take a nap on the couch while Taliferrue cooks a lovely meal. "Arraya,  be a dear, go get your father up for dinner" Taliferrue tells her as she turns to get the sides. Lacey sticks her tongue out at Arraya as she walks by, Arraya frowning, gives Lacey a nasty gesture that she is sure her mother wouldn't approve of.

One room over Arraya carefully walks up to the couch shaking her father's shoulder. "Dad, it's dinner time get up.. Dad.." Shaking his shoulder harder as she gets no response. Realizing something is wrong she moves  closer to him, her nose wrinkling at the awful odor raising off him.

Shaking him harder "Gad Dad, you need a okay.. ..Agghhhhhhh!" A shrill scream splits from her throat as Mel moans  grabbing her shoulders. Yanking backwards from him,  she causes him to fall to the floor. Struggling he reaches out and grasps onto her leg.

Screaming more shrilly Arraya runs dragging her father behind her into the kitchen begging her sister and mother to help her. Mel clings tightly to her leg trying to pull himself up closer for a tasty bite. Lacey hearing her sister scream and seeing the zombie yanking on her leg grabs up her hammer and runs forward to save her.

Taliferrue in shock stood watching her voice choking in her throat. Her logic centers shutting down from the  horror of the events unfolding around her. Her mind could not process what she was seeing...her beloved spouse was trying to EAT their offspring. The unfairness of it it all snapped her out of her trance."Lacey... NO!!" she screamed "That's your father! DON'T kill him!!"

Throwing down the hammer in disgust, Lacey kicks her father's arm till it releases Arraya's leg. Snarling at her mother and sister she screamed at them "Come on then!" Throwing open the door, she leds the way out as her father stumbled to his feet, lurching weakly after them moaning "Brainnnnnneeesssss"

Running as fast as their legs could take them, the heroines quickly outpaced the slow shuffling zombie that was once their father. Darting quickly into Discomfort Grunge Furnishing, an old furniture shop. They dropped exhausted on an old blanket and pillows in the corner.

Taliferrue sniffled lightly trying not to cry, her face strained with stress. "Are you girls okay?" She asked, concerned over the zoned look on Arraya's face.

"He...he tried to bite me.." Arraya sobbed looking deathly ill. Taliferrue and  Lacey tried to console her as best as they could. They could hear screams and moaning for brains in the distance.

"Well look on the bright side," Lacey said smiling lightly "he didn't succeed"  Taliferrue climbed down laying closer to the girls when the shuffling of zombies could be heard one building over from them. The moans filling the room through the small cracks in the wall.

Rubbing her leg where her father had clung to her leg her fingers hiding the torn spot on her pants where her father had managed to tear though the jean material. "Ya, good thing he didn't". Lacey eyed her suspiciously  thinking to herself that Arraya was hiding something from them.

Arraya smiled at her, pleading with her eyes that she say nothing. Taliferrue listened to her daughters bicker back and forth to each other. The sounds of the moans outside lulling her with their monotonous tone. Slowly her eyes drifted shut.

Taliferrue's rest was shattered by a piercing scream. Scrambling up she turned to see Arraya grappling with Lacey. Blood poured down Lacey's shirt staining her blouse a crimson.

Taliferrue stand watching in horror as her children fight against each other. One fighting for survival, the other for dinner. Lacey in a deft move, twists her hips and throws Arraya sailing over upon her back. Reaching over quickly pulling up Arraya's hammer; she pulls back fiercely delivering a resounding blow to Arraya's head.

Staring at her daughter's dead body on the floor was just too much for Taliferrue. She  throws herself down upon a couch and begins to cry hysterically.

Lacey sits down breathing heavily and stares a her hysterical mom with  a look between disgust and sadness. "Mom, you need to go...I will change too." Taliferrue cries harder. "NO!" She screams, "I can't leave you!" her tears choking her up as Lacey tells her more firmly to go noticing that Arraya's foot is twitching.

In anger, Lacey pounds to her feet,
yanking Taliferrue to her feet. Pulling back her hand she slaps her  resoundly across the face. "I need you to live, Mother..  NOW RUN!" She screams at her.

 Arraya moans on the floor, "Braaainnss" pushing up weakly trying to rise. Lacey screams at Taliferrue, "Mother, NOW!! She is getting up!!" Taliferrue stares in horror as Lacey throws her self down on her knees next to her sister and hits her causing her to fall back. Taliferrue moans in misery crying "Nooess, I love you both" to her daughters. Lacey screams at her as her sister struggles against her moaning. Taliferrue  stares one last time at her daughters before running out into the zombie infested dawn.

Taliferrue runs from the house tears blinding her eyes causing her to fall directly in front of a wandering zombie. Screaming she quickly pushes to her feet darting off into the opposite direction of the zombie and her now dead family.

She rushes to the hospital. "they will help me there!" she thinks feverishly to herself. " Surely, they have a cure!"

Frantically she ran faster, the thought of a cure spurring her exhasted feet to move faster. Coming to a complete halt she found her path blocked by a horde of zombies.

Twisting around she ran the other direction, down a familiar path. Her eyes taking in the destruction around her. .

Her run slowing to a halt as she realized she was back where she started....  Yellow JesteR. The area was so devastated she had not recognized the once vibrant area she once hung out at.

Falling to her knees she cries in despair. The world had ended. Her family dead. She was surrounded by zombies every where she looked.

And surrounded by zombies she was.. if she had bothered to open her eyes to see them....

Now you may ask yourself did our heroine open her eyes that did our tale end? Well if you happen to be shopping at Yellow JesteR stop by the tire swing and say Hello, Taliferrue would love to have a bite of you...

A special thanks goes out to the cast of The Great Zombie Hunt and  Yellow JesteR,  the Sponsors of the Hunt for the Living Dead, for inspiring me to write our little tale. 

  • Taliferrue Cathaldus
  • Mel Cathaldus
  • ARraya Warblood
  • Lacey Daylight
  • Angelles Lionheart
  • Chad Restout
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Sites used in story (please support them and visit their shops, they have great stuff!):

Act 1 & Act 6: Yellow JesteR current site and soon to be new home.
Act 2: Othrive
Act 3: Taliferrue's House
Act 4 & 5:  Discomfort Grunge Furnishing
Act 6:  Gilded

Props used in story:
Hammer - free from Othrive's strength game.
Blanket and Pillows in Corner - *Discomfort* GrungeRug 6 Sit Texture Change - Discomfort Grunge Furnishing
Blood splatter couch - *Discomfort* Sofa "Underworld" -  Discomfort Grunge Furnishing
Blood splattered armchair - *Discomfort* Armchair "Underworld" -  Discomfort Grunge Furnishing
Picture with Zombie Kras in act 6 - Gilded

Poses used in story:
Zombie "Ankle grabber" Pose - Yellow JesteR
Zombie "Neck Biter" Pose - Yellow JesteR 
Dynamic run - recieved in a freebie box
Model Hud - Sensual Girls Main Shop
Gasp, Scream, Rawr, and Dead - purchased on Xstreet - Merchant: Billy Tammas
Smite Hud - Jeaniesing's Things

Zombie Skins:
FallinAngel Creations

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