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A Bit About Me...

Hello and welcome to my blog.

My name is Taliferrue Cathaldus, I am a Second Life® Avatar. If you are not familiar with Second Life® it is a 3D virtual world where you can be anything you can think up, make friends, a family, build a career and explore to your hearts content.

For more information watch these videos.

I moved to Second Life from Runescape  on June 29, 2010. I am a wanderer by nature. I love to meet new people and explore new places, though the majority of my time is spent stalking Mel and participating in scavenger hunts. I hope one day to start designing my own items and clothing, a girl can dream, but for now I enjoy seeing the wonderful possibilities and discovering the amazing creations of others. I am obsessed by Meeroos, steam punk venues, finding that amazing freebie and Mel.

What is the Point of This Blog...

I ask myself that on a daily basis since I started keeping a blog. What is my ultimate purpose for doing this? Well to be honest, there is really no one reason behind this blog. I have seen amazing SLblogs that are full of funny creative posts, photo projects, fashion critiques and journals of mundane SL life. I imagined myself having a popular fashion blog but threw that out because I am not that trendy. I thought about trying my hand at an artistic blog where I post poetry and images to go with the poems but threw that out cause I am not that creative. I thought about having a news blog posting on the happening in SL but threw that out cause well I am not that well connect nor care about that stuff. I have thought long and hard on how I could have a successful blog and carve a niche out for myself in the SL world and never came up with a good idea. So ultimately this blog is a small corner of my world where I will talk about my adventures, my family, my hobbies, my pets and any other mundane thing that comes to mind. 

How to Contact Me...

The best way to contact me with questions, comments or basic conversation is to leave a comment on my blog. If you would like to contact me in game send me a note card with your question on it. I may not respond quickly, so be patient with me.

If you want me to list your blog or store please contact me with the information and I will be happy to connect with you. Please give me a short description of what type of blog or store it is so that I list it appropriately.

Thank you again for visiting my blog.

~ Taliferrue

Last Updated: 3/25/2012

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