Beauty in Blue (1Hundred & Allusions)

1Hundred has done it agian, put out an awesome little sweater that sparkles and shines warming up these cold winter nights. The Sweater is part of the Urban Winter Hunt, the hunt started on the 8th of January and will run till the end of the month.
I have paired this lovely sweater in two outfits cause I couldn't decide which I liked better, pants or a skirt. So the pants I paired it with are from Allusions called Tweed Moss pants. They were free once, i think or on sale ..can't remember but they are now 75L and totally worth it. In fact I recommend you taking a trip to Allusions and picking up all their pants. They have a freebie pair of jeans and some other low cost items up for grabs. The cords and tweeds for women are upstairs (300L-350L for fatpack) and they are fabulous with everything. I love... LOVE Allusions pants.

 The slinky little skirt is a previous gift mentioned a few days ago from 1Hundred as a xmas gift. It matches so well with the sweater I almost would suspect they were made for each other, but that is just a testament to Sira Savira's ability to create clothing lines that mix and match well together and are not limited to just the outfit it is originally created for. The shoes are from JustB, no longer available.

Goodie List:

1 Hundred - Sweater Top & Skirt (0L)

Allusions: Tweedish Moss (75L)
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