Fantastic New Year Gifts from *VoguE*

This evening I received a note card from *VoguE* announcing their new line up on an vibrant line of sweaters. Defiantly worth a peak if your into sweaters like me. As it tis the new year I am, as almost always, broke. So no buying the new releases. But to sooth my tingling shopping nerves I was happy to see *VoguE* put out  a Members New Year Gift - A beautiful flowing silver gown perfect for those princesses in all of us and for those who prefer the less formal attire the dress comes with a shorten version to spice up the night. I believe the group is free to join but I am not sure as it has been ages since I joined myself.

 And to top that gown off, as if that is possible, *VoguE* placed a wonderful Sweater Gift out available to all shoppers. The sweaters come in a guy and girl version so you and your special someone can stroll in style together! Girls note the red jeans I am wearing they are the same as the green pair in my previous post, a group gift from >>>Poison<<<. The red is a luscious color that is sure to match most of all your red hawt tops.

Happy hunting my fellow freebie hunters! Till the next amazing freebie, take care!
~ Taliferrue

Goodie List:
*VoguE* Dress and Sweater - (0L)
>>> POISON <<< Red Jeans - Group Gift - (0L)

Prior Purchases:On Taliferrue:
Hair - ""D!va""  hair "Marie" 25000 Group Member Gift
Wings - ::{Favole}:: *Entangle*.
Nails - :)(: NAILS Collection AA by Pixelfashion purchased on marketplace (240L)
Skin - [PF] Alyx by Pink Fuel - Hunt Gift (10L)
Eyes - Realistic Honey - AZ Eyes Marketplace (5L)

On Mel:
Hair - MADesigns HAIR ~ JEREMY ~ Dark Brown (300L)
Skin - >> Zyra << DEEJAY ~ Complete Male Avatar ++PROMO Price++ (299L)
Eyes - Realistic Honey - AZ Eyes Marketplace (5L)
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