Fashion Flash! Teal Temptations

Hepburn is probably one of my most favorite actress from my childhood. My mother would always call me in to sit down and watch television with her when one came on. I was pleased to find at Dressed by Lexi (DBL) her rendition of an Hepburn gown. Teal was never a favorite color of mine but this one defiantly pleased me and made me consider as a positive color choice in the future. The DBL-Hepburn gown is on the 2nd floor of DBL in the back group gift room. Lexi was also kind enough to put out accessories with each gown, they are not free but are very reasonably priced. You will need to join the group to get the free gown, its worth it and free. Lexi puts out a new gown every month.

I am not wearing my normal skin in the above image. I was trying out the free skin I got from "Style by Kira" Called Tamika Skin. You receive three versions. Its free to all if you can find the little gold bar. I believe its a hunt item but I am not familiar with the acronym on the hunt name to tell you which hunt it goes to. I was there with a friend looking at skins when I found it.

And last but not least  Virtual Impressions  put out another amazing group gift ,Ellen Jewelry, a beautiful Teal earring and necklace set. The group is free to join. I have to say I really enjoy the jewelry from Virtual Impression. I wear it a lot with my evening outfits. If you don't like the color in the freebie they always have different color versions you can buy at a reasonable price for such good quality jewelry.

That is all for tonight my freebie hunting friends, take care until the next great find!

Goodie List:

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