Freebie Flash: Cocktail Time!

MOREA released their January Group Gift today, Marissa, a beautiful blue cocktail dress; comes with lovely earrings. While there take a look at the new release wall, there are some really cute and stylish outfits! Don't forget to hit the Midnight Madness board while there, this one is loaded with a an adorable red blouse! 

 KoKo's group freebie,  denim blue booties, were the perfect match to compliment MOREA's cocktail dress, which trilled me to death since I was hoping for somethign to wear these adorable booties with. KoKo never fails to give out a great group gift be sure to check back there often. They always release some amazing outfits and shoes. 

And as a plus to my evening, I picked up Virtual Impressions gift, Alicia Earrings. Perfect to add to an evening dress or to wear if you just need to feel pretty.

Until the next Freebie Find, Take Care!

Goodie List:

MOREA - Cocktail Dress

Virtual Impressions - Earrings

KoKo - Booties
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