Freebie Flash: Purple Panic Attack!

We have some amazing items tonight in our Freebie Flash.  I was excited to get a note card announcing the Winter WonderSale through out Zyrra District, almost everything is half off!! You may be wondering why this would make me squeal..well that is the home sim to Jane and OMG do I love Jane!!!!  Jane does this amazing high quality, affordably priced,  good-girl-next-door style in clothing, which is what I so look for with a passion in sl. 

And they have  grab bags, which are the most awesome thing for a penny pincer like me. A grab bag is like a fat pack ...but bigger...tons of colors.. and affordable! So I leapfrogged over there and browsed around, bought a lot of stuff I probably didn't need. I saw they still had their awesome intrinsic tanks (in a grab bag) for free and their needful things rompers (grab bag) up so I nabbed the rompers, already own the tanks. The rompers are season 2 colors so I am excited about exploring them!  Starting the outfit out with the delightful deliciously concord intrinsic tank.

So I paired the top with a awesome pair of freebie basic jeans from from Allusions . As I have said in the past and can't really not say it enough, I recommend you taking a trip to Allusions and picking up all their pants. These freebie jeans are awesome in detail, the stitching is so cute with pretty much any shirt you pair it with. The adorable hair style is from Raspberry, its free and comes in a full fat pack of gorgeous lush colors. 

 KoKo's new soft leather shoulder bag, a group gift (free to join) was the perfect match to compliment the concord tank, KoKo never fails to give out a great group gift be sure to check back there often. If you like the group gift you can always purchase it in different colors in the store. Also be sure to check all the sales items around the group freebie sign, lots of goodies to be had.

Also on the same sim as Jane and Raspberry is  Pink Inc. an awesome little shop you should pay a visit too also. I found these really cute earrings there as a free gift. They look alot better in game than in the picture, I unfortunately am still learning how to do close ups pictures.

Ever An' Angel sent out a note card announcing their new outfit, I like standing and drooling over their stuff so I hopped over to see it in person as the link in the note card wouldn't rez in. I found out that instead of them putting out a demo on the shoes that go with the awesome dress they are giving out a pair for free! Oh lucky days.. they are the Redoute Shoes - Antique! Wonderfully designed Mesh heels. Even though I am not sold on mesh yet I found these to be really cute and will keep them to wear again. (note on the picture above the cute stitching I was talking about on the Allure Basic Jeans).

And the final item I want to share with you are the awesome Chinese New Year Gifts from Vogue. For group members You get all four of the makeups above. To all guests you get the lower left one. These are vibrant colors ...really pop.. and to be honest, I hate makeups.. for me to want to wear one they have to be good.

Happy Hunting my fellow freebie finders, take care!
~ Taliferrue

Goodie List:

Jane (free to all)
Allusions  (free to all)
KoKo  (group gift)
Ever An' Angel  (free to all)
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