Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you had a blast bringing in 2012 with loved ones and not like me  - I spent the evening trying to work down my inventory from the holidays. My new year resolution is to get my monster inventory under control and start blogging again.

 Green is the theme of the night it seems.

I found these amazing Green Jeans in a Group gift from Poison. They come in Red and Green. The group is free to join. And they had a ton of other awesome free gifts for their groupies. I was very surprised with the quality of the gifts. I have found that most places named after bands have poor quality items but not this place! Poison has earned their place on my check back list.

 I found the adorably cute green half sweater at Sassy's as a free group gift. The group is free to join. Sassy's rarely fails to please with their cute line of clothing. There is also a wall of past gifts you can get while your there.

 I found a great pack of free face lights at Amacci when I was there with a new SLer helping them get their avatar set up. There are four different face light shades in the free gift so you are sure to find one to suit your mood. There are also several free hairs, eyes and hair bases on their freebie wall, no group to join though I do recommend you take a look around at their goods. They have a great selection of hair at a good price. One of my favorite places to shop when I am in the mood for Hair Therapy.

The cute hat and hair is from Exile. It was up on their freebie wall. You get a fat pack of colors, so you will be sure to find something that suits you. The hat is color changeable so it can go with most all of your outfits. Exile always has a great selection of free hairs for men and women. While there hit the Scribo over the fireplace to be kept updated on new hairs and get the various free goodies sent out to Exile fans.

And last but not least, as it actually tied the outfit all together nicely, is the Xmas Gift from Pepper. An adorable hip hugging belt that is color changeable and re-sizable.

Script Score:
All together I scored a whopping 71 scripts  for a total of .73MB memory usage on my script monitor for this outfit wearing my normal collar, Meeroo hud and ao.

Goodie List:
>>> POISON <<< Green Jeans - Group Gift - (0L)
~Sassy!~ Cozy sweater - forest - Group Gift - (0L)
Amacci Face Light - Warm Light - Freebie Wall - (0L)
Exile Hair - Jane/cinnamon - Fatpack - Freebie Wall - (0L)
~Pepper~ Loose Belt - xmas gift - (0L)

Not Free:
Skin is Pink Fuel, Wings are Favole, and shoes are from marketplace a long time ago. They are still on there I just cant find them tonight. I am tired.
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