Meeroos WINTERFEST Photo Contest has arrived!!

I don't know about you but I absolutely love a good photo contest and Wonderful World of Meeroos™ always put out a good one. The contest runs form December 29th to 12pm SLT on January 5th. (read more here) Basic rules apply, be a wintry scene, must have at least one meeroo in it and no violence or killing of meeroos. 

I talked it over with my Meeroo Pack and we came up with the entry below:

It took forever waiting on them to raise their arms the same time just as the train was coming around. It was still alot of fun making this picture. The two Meeroos featured in the tea cup are my beloved Meepets, Appliquetion and Oranges. Oranges is my very first Meeroo. He is a winecoat, 12.25 and Appliquetion was my birthday gift from Mel. She is an adorable Red 14.0. I like to spend quality time with them when ever I can and they are my favorites to photograph too! Fingers cross I win, they have not announced what we will win but I am sure it will be something good.

The last photo contest Wonderful World of Meeroos™ was the Meeroos Spooktacular Halloween photo contest. We were asked to take a photo of our Meeroos in the most fabulously frightening or funny Halloween scene possible! My entry was of a girl walking toward a spooky old mansion stalked by ghostly monstrously adorable Meeroos. See belows:

Only ten winners were awarded the Blacklight Skeleton Costume Kit. They also gave out a special edition statue to everyone who entered the contest. So everyone was a winner really!

Isn't Scully just adorable ^.^
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