Season's Palette Hunt II - Part One

Today Serraphena was feeling a little bit blue so I decided I knew just what she needed *distraction!!*. 

I thought that I had addiction issues but let me tell you the Queen of Hunts is my friend Serraphena. She lives for them, so much she keeps a handy log of hunts coming and going to keep her (and me) on track. And a hunt was just the thing to cheer her up. Grabbing her by the arm I dragged her out to check out the Season's Palette Hunt.

The Season's Palette hunt is a really neat hunt where contributors (yeah! fabulously distinct and talented designers!) create items using the colors on the palette this is Season II for the hunt and with a wintry theme the colors are a wonderful selection of pretty pearly gem tones. Cranberry Midnight and Arctic Blue are my favorite of this featured collection.

The hunt itself runs from January 29th to February 29th. The object to look for is a little palette of colors just like above. Start point is at the Season's Palette Hunt Headquarters, you must start at the headquarters to do this hunt. The first prize is cleverly hidden there. For hints to the hunt see the main blog, or if you need extra help join the hunt group, Cut and paste the link below into your chat window in SL, then click the link that appears. The group is free to join and there are some really great people in the chat to talk with as you make your way through the hunt.

It took me forever to figure out I was supposed to be looking for the palette so Serra just stood there laughing as I stumbled around like a fool till I finally figured it out. My girl, Serra, is old school.. no cheating and defiantly no telling me where to gotta love her. The hint was "You gotta be bright to know where it is." and I can't say I was too darn bright - lol. But the confusion was so worth it! My foolishness paid off with an awesome side-table with a beautifully framed image, flowers and magazines. I loved the magazines laying around made it look very lived in. The frame is modifiable so I may slip a picture of Mel in it, but I first must figure out where to place it in my forest home.

Next Stop: Cube3 

Cube3 was a cute small shop very modern in its colors. The clue here was "What's the name of this store? Duhrr..." and you guessed it....I was "Duhrr!". Once more Serra laughed her butt off watching me stumble around searching. To amuse herself, she did a little shopping on the 10L wall. Which was next to the Lucky Letter boards and gift, which btw, is free to join.

Once I got over my totally Duhrr! moment I discovered I got a  new house!!!

 Don't climb on the fountain..You could get hurt!

I know! Let me give you a tour!!Look at this fabulously huge kitchen, a culinary artist's dream....hate to clean this up after a dinner party. Good thing for me I don't cook! The walls are a wonderful plumy color. I have a friend would die for this house! (yeah that's right Abbie, eat your heart out!)

Come this way, I have this lovely little breakfest/dinner nook. Perfect for a cozy dinner for two (hint hint Mel, order in.. I'm Hungry!)

And check out this awesome wall of art work, defiantly a place to stop and ponder the pretties. (Lookie Abbie..plum and butterflies)

Ohs sorry silly me, come have a seat in my lovely new living room. There's some awesome artwork there to be admired if you get bored of my chattering.

What oh your Yawning... are you tired? Well, come this way you can take a nap on my new bed. But I am warning you... no hanky panky!

I'll just sit over here in my reading nook with good book till you're up and about again.

ohs its getting late, my fellow hunt addicts I will post more tomorrow. Till then take care!
~ Taliferrue

Hunt Details:
Name: Season's Palette Hunt II
Runs January 29 – February 29, 2012
Starts at: Season's Palette Hunt Headquarters
Cost: 0L per item
# of Stores: 71
Hunt Item: Small Color Palette like on the sign
Offical Blog: Season's Palette Blog
Cut and paste the link below into your chat window in SL, then click the link that appears. 

Outfit Items: 

Appearance Items: 

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