Asian Spice

Today, I just felt like exploring. I found a really nice hair store called Tukinowguma . I came away with a few hairs that I am quite pleased with. What I really was happy with was their Asian style hair. I have been looking for one to wear with my kimonos and cos-play outfits. So since I found this amazing hair, which is called Yoshika, I decided to put on my pretty new kimono cos-play outfit from BareRose. The following shots are the results of playing around on Azuchi, an Asian inspired Sim.

Oh small side note, Truth Hair is having a 50% off hair sale if you are a Truth fan like me its a must hit sale. The newest releases are on sale for  125L only this week though! You can see pictures of the lastest releases here and get details on the TRUTH district, the other stores are also having sales too.

Take care,

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