The Cart Sale at Wash

It's Time for the Cart Sale @ Wash!! Hurry Grab Your Purses!!
Take the Cart Challenge. We Dare You!

Serra and I decided to take The Cart Challenge. The Cart Challenge is where you have a budget of 100L and you must make the most complete outfit without going over budget using only items purchased at the Cart Sale at Wash.

What is the Cart Sale you ask? It is only one of the most awesome Biannual Sales in Second Life; where a ton of designers come together to feature their creations in a massive sale sponsored by Hell Bop & Fab Free. All the items on sale are only 10L! Its a cornucopia of great deals in one place... a shopaholic's wet dream! It runs February 22nd to March 14th. You have 3 weeks to get you and all your friends over there for a massive shopping spree that will leave you all drunk with goodies galore!

Serra and I spent a good hour or so pouring over all the carts, getting lost in all the goodies awaiting purchase. I will admit I have a mile long list to go back for since I didn't buy anything but what I was going to use for the Cart Challenge. But all in all, I think I came away with some good stuffs, since I discovered that most all my favorite designers had a cart.
OUR CART PERSONAS "Babs & Petunia"
 It was actually embarrassing cause I was half rezzed in and was impatient and I saw this awesome Lace cropped shrug in teal then I noticed the awesome jeans  next to it and  I was getting all excited hollering at Serra to come look at this awesome clothing designer I found. She tellys over to me and gets this tone to her voice. If you have a best friend you know this tone.. its the "what are you trying to pull" tone. Her voice is kind of exasperated and she goes ..."What do you expect's Allusions". And right at that moment the logo prim rezzes in for me and I stand there feeling silly for not recognizing my favorite designer's clothing.

Yeah.. I bought it.. I bought all the stuff on the cart and if you're smart so will you. Allusions.. is awesomes! As Serra said later "Your outfit will be predictable Tali" and she is right, it is...The Lace Crop Shrug, Lowrise Boho Ink Jeans, Short Boots, Beaded Tunic Tank, Pretty Pink Makeup and the Spirit of Summer Jewelry Set I am wearing are all, yes you guessed it .. Allusions. The lovely skin I am wearing is by Style by Kira, called "Stefani Skin 01A". The only Items I am wearing not  from the cart sale is my hair, which is by Raspberry Aristocrat and my belt is by IZUMIYA.

Serra was a bit less predictable than I was, she mixed and match designer's to create this bronze goddess. I have to admit I didn't expect it. With the way she was going on as she changed I figured she would look like a clown. It took me almost an hour to finally get her to come out of her house for photos. I dubbed her look "Babs". The skin she is wearing is also by Style by Kira - Willow Skin 01H. Her Hair is from Bizarre Hair, Cinta Black (It's adorable, I am going back for it), Her dress is by Sn@tch, Nymph Dress(gold), Her Bangles are by Elemental Earth Designs. Her boots are by Baby Monkey, Liberty Patch Boots Coffee. Her Necklace and Earrings are by Allusions.The poses are from Style by Kira's Pose stand.

All together Serra spent 60L on her "Babs" outfit. I spent 70L on my "Petunia" outfit. So I would say Serra won this challenge hands down against me. *Pats Serra on the back* Great Job Serra!

If you do the Cart Challenge be sure to post a link to it here, So Serra and I can see your wonderful outfits!
Till the next great find, take care
~ Taliferrue

Goodies From The Cart Sale:

Serra's "Bab's" Persona
  • Sn@tch - Nymph Dress (Gold)
  • Elemental Earth Designs~ Inlaid Wood Bangles 
  • Baby Monkey - Liberty Patch Boots Coffee
  • Allusions - Spirit of the Summer Necklace and Earrings
  • [Bizarre Hair] Cinta Black
  • Style by Kira - Willow Skin 01H

Tali's "Petunia" Persona
  • Allusions - Lace Crop Shrug 
  • Allusions - Lowrise Boho Ink Jeans
  • Allusions - Short Boots
  • Allusions - beaded Tunic Tank
  • Allusions - Pretty Pink Makeup
  • Allusions - Spirit of Summer Jewelry Set 
  • Style by Kira, - "Stefani Skin 01A". 


  • Poses were created using my Style by Kira Pose Stand.

Links to the feature Merchant's Main Stores:
  • Hell Bop
  • Fab Free
  • Sn@tch
  • Elemental Earth Designs
  • Baby Monkey
  • [Bizarre Hair]
  • Allusions
  • Style by Kira
  •  Raspberry Aristocrat
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