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Tonight I was totally avoiding working on my inventory. I know..I know I can hear Serra now..."Tali...get to doing that inventory... don't buy anything else till you get it below 10,000 items." Yep, I can hear her clear just like she was standing here next to me. So... in honor of her, I decided to skip cleaning my inventory and  go to her favorite store, B!ASTA to check out the sales and free goodies since I got a really enticing notecard from the the B!ASTA group today.

B!ASTA has great casual and elegant fashion for men and women. Currently B!ASTA is having a 1st year Anniversary Celebration. They have some great gifts and items on sale...a lot of it up to 50% off. If you have been drooling over an outfit there, now is the time to hop over to see if you can get it on sale! You can read up on the sale on their blog. This is the perfect time also to sign up for their update group. It's the last week for it to be free, after this weekend you will have to pay a fee to join. It's worth getting in early, the group gifts are always made for men and women and its totally worth the member perks in sales.

 And wonder of wonder guess who I ran into  at B!ASTA, yep Serra, it is her favorite haunt after all, I should have known better. I tried to hide but as you see I wasn't very effective. Aren't the cow seats adorable! They have some great sitting areas in the store.
Since I was  busted, Serra and I waited around for the Lucky Letter board to come up with our Letters, it has so many cute items in it. I got the VIA MODA: Zig Zag Sweater Dress with tights. Serra's Letter never came up (mwhahahaha.. its all mine!)
There was so much to look at in the store, I took my time roving over the displays and in the process I found  the hunt item for the Hearts Ablaze Hunt. Which runs from Feb 22-Mar 3. It's a little heart with flames above it. In the prize for the women you get a cute Skin "Carissima: Pale", The heart on the lips is just adorable. I had fun posing with this skin. The Skin has a highly detailed Heart Tattoo on the left breast. You can see glimpses of it in the other images. The outfit I am wearing is the male's gift for the same hunt called "My Valentine". Looks just as good on a girl as a guy.
I also found the Glamour hunt Item which is in a pretty purple invite envelope. The Glamour Hunt runs from Feb 15 till March 15th and costs 10L. The Glam Queen boots and matching handbag inside are totally worth it, in fact worth a lot more. They match the Women Stuff Hunt Gift. Which is the Strictly for Girls Jacket and Skirt set.

B!ASTA has a huge selection of group gifts for you to find in the store. If you look to the left of the lucky boards there is a past Group Member gift board where you can pick up the amazing past gifts given out. The newer releases are along the side of the divider wall behind the front desk. There are several gifts on the front desk.I did not feature in this post, so be sure to check those out too. The following are some of my more favorite gifts.
:Dream Promenade: September 2011 Group Gift
: Let it Snow: Group Gift December 2011. 
:New Beginnings: January 2012 Group Gift
: Love is a Bird: February Group Gift 2012. 
:So Many Hearts: >2000 Group Members gift
:Miramar: 1000 Members gift - Subscriber Gift

I didn't post all the free gifts available here. Bomboloni Freschi, owner of B!ASTA, loves to give out high quality gifts, so there is a ton of them to find around the store, you just need to take some time to look around. Also if your under 30days old B!ASTA takes part in the Freebies4Newbies program, be sure to check out the board in front of her store on it. Also hit the subscriber and don't forget to join her group before this weekend is over!

And with that I bid you adieu, till tomorrow, take care!

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  • [: B!ASTA :]

Other Details:

  • Poses were created using my (CTS) wardrobe hud, unsure of who created the animations in it.
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