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Evening all, tonight we wander our way to Just Because, they have some amazing women's and men's clothing here. I send all my friends here for men's clothing. In fact, most all of Mel's clothing is Just Because Designs. I would recommend you stopping in to check it out. There are two lucky chairs and a group gift which changes each month, the group is free to join. Also if you stop in and add the store to your picks you can join in on a raffle.
 Annie Melson has created some new wonderful goodies for Men and Women that I thought you might like to see. I managed to wrestle Mel down to model a few items, I swear he is camera shy. In the first outfift he is modeling the gift for the Season's Palette II Hunt gift. The hunt runs till tomorrow so hurry if you want this hoodie; which is a must have for a casual day hanging out with friends. The hunt hint here is "Getting Down to Business".  The jeans he is wearing is by Klam Designs called "Draven". Part of an outfit for 149L.
Outfit #2 is from Just Because and is by the way Mel's favorite outfit. It is called Cobalt (464L) and comes in several layers so that you can create just the look you want with it. Outfit #3 is one of the latest releases, its an awesome casual number called Intrepid (464L).
Next Mel is modeling the February group gift, Red Leather Pants. The detail is wonderful and they are unisex so girls can wear them too. The Jacket is by Klam Designs called "Kevin Jacket - Denim - Red" (69L). On Tali we have the lovely Ladies outfit called "Ladies Night" it's an awesome ensemble. I love the detail work that Annie puts into her designs.  You can wear it with or without the jacket.  By the way if you like "Ladies Night" you could get your own copy free if you join in on the Pick Raffle going on. Here is a teleport to the Raffle Board. You just add the store to your picks and then click the raffle board and follow the instructions. The group gift board is located there also, be sure join the group!

If you would like to find out more on Just Because check out the links below:

Outfit 1:
Top -  Just Because - SPH Hoodie (0L)
Pants- Klam Design - Draven Outfit (149L)
Shoes - Claws by Jungle Wear (price unknown)

Outfit 2:
Outfit-  Just Because - Cobalt (464L)

Outfit 3:
Outfit-  Just Because -Intrepid (464L)

Tali's Outfit:
Outfit-  Just Because -Ladies Night (464L)
Shoes - JustB (no longer in business)

Mel's Outfit:
Pants: Just Because - February Group Gift (0L, free to join)
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