1 Hundred great gifts..well not really 100, but a lot of them.

Good Evening All!

It's Friday! I love Fridays.. means I have all weekend to play in my inventory and blog. I received my blogger review box from 1 Hundred so I have some amazing stuff to share with you all today. Sira Savira has been busy, busy, busy at 1 Hundred this month. She has designed some really awesome outfits for sale and several awesome freebies for gifts.

In the magic review box this month there were several awesome outfits to review for a special Sale called "A Flawless Valentine Cart Sale @ Flawless" but I slacked....well not really slacked, just had too much to do and didn't get to showing you the great sale items. But! She does have these same sale items for purchase in her store so If you like them hop over and pick them up.. they are only 100L each..as is everything in 1 Hundred, hence the name.. get it?
This lovely little gown is called Simply Silk Dusty Rose. She has several colors available in her store.
The other outfits you should check out in her store are the Friday Night sets. She has a Friday Night Mixer, which is the Red and white one above and then a Friday Night set which is just solid colors.  I loved the sparkles on this outfit, definitely a club going affair!

While Serraphena and I were at 1 Hundred checking to see what items were up, we picked up the new group gift and Serra got the Februalicious hunt which also runs from  Feb. 1st - Feb. 29th.  Since  the gift for both were under clothing, Mel put his foot down and said I was not allowed to post half naked images of myself on my blog for everyone and their fathers to stare at me. But, Serraphena was nice enough to volunteered to be perved in my place!!
For this hunt you are looking for a gold bar. The hint for this cute panty set (which btw Mel told me to keep) is "If you get Dressed up you will find this great hunt gift". This set will probably become my new base set to wear, it's that cute.
The group gift is an cute little heart T, with matching bottoms. I could so see sleeping in this outfit in RL. It looks just comfy. I would be sure to go by and join the group, its free, and every month there is a new awesome gift to pick up.

1 Hundred.  joined Brandy's Attic a new sale spot that focuses on vintage designs for 200L or less and has two really adorable items up for sale at 100L.
Serraphena and I hopped over to check it out and see what all designers had goodies up for sale. We saw quite a few of our old time favorites up and several new ones we put on our list to go check out closer. You have till February 28th to get the two outfits 1 Hundred has on sale there before the store switches out its inventory.
The first outfit featured at Brandy's  is the Uptown Retro Sweater. It went wonderfully with my slit skirt I got from 1 Hundred as a Christmas Gift. I love it when outfits come together as easily as this one did and looks classy.
The second outfit is a cute dress called "Glamour, that clings to your figure in all the right places. I liked the single strap on this dress. I am not sure what that style of dress is called, someday I will learn all there is to know about clothing till then.. its a cute dress...get it while you can.
As a bonus we found some awesome Capri by Black Crocus for FREE! These are awesome detailed Capri, go get them....Black Crocus does amazing work. I think I like them as much as I do my Allusions Cords... and that says a lot. Nothing beats Allusions Cords...but these Capri go well in that quality ranking. Slides over into my keeper pile.

Another freebie you might like to pick up is 1 Hundred's gift for the Jack and Jill Hunt which runs from Feb. 1st - Feb. 29th. You will need to visit 1 Hundred's main shop for this one.
The hint to help you out is - Look for the designer Online to grab this hunt gift. You are looking for a blue disk with the sign of a woman on it. The gift is this cute little cropped Hoodie that comes in several layers and a tube top for the more modest minded (I know it was made for me >.>, yes my ego is that big).

Another great sale item available from 1 Hundred. is The Dare Bodysuit @ the XYROOM for $80L.
   Everything at the XYROOM is 100L or less. This will be there til February 24th. I really loved the print on this body suit. I added it to the 1 Hundred slit skirt to get an adorable ensemble, yes I love that skirt. It goes with everything..well almost. It doesn't go too well with my armor.. not that I tried it out together or anything >.>.

And last but not least 1 Hundred. has another New Release out for the Designers Showcase, A really nice sale spot that changes their products three times a month.
1 Hundred is featuring the red version of the Simply Silk dress @ the Designer's Showcase. Its a great dress to wear to a night club or out on a date with your loved one. While your there check out all the other great designers who have items up for sale. I found quite a few things that I put on my list to get on pay day. I bet you find at least one or two things you can't live with out too. If you like check their website out to see picture of all the merchandise ahead of going to visit.

And last thing I have to share tonight is  KoKo's Group gift, a Red Gossamer Dress with a long and short skirt.
This one will be changing soon, so if you want it...go grab it. The group is free to join. While there be sure to check out all the great sales KoKo has on the stands around the group gift. They have an awesome pair of mesh pumps that are color change for only 199L right now. Check out the KoKo update blog for more details on new releases and sales.

Whoo.. that was a long post.. enjoy my freebie seekers and deal hunters. Till the next post , Take care.
~ Taliferrue


  • Poses were created using my (CTS) wardrobe hud, unsure of who created the animations in it.

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