The New Yorker

While perusing the destination guide for interesting places to visit, Tali saw one for a tribute to the big apple. 
The New Yorker, A Big Apple tribute city where Avatars live their virtual second lives in front of real life TV cameras. Come to The New Yorker for the fun, for the shopping or to be part of this unscripted social experience. Who will become 'The New Yorker'? Rating: G 
She always wanted to get a glimpse of the big city. 
There were so many sites to see in New York, Tali had trouble deciding what one to visit.
Since she had heard so many things about it from movies and books, She always wanted to visit Central Park. The entrance was impressive.
The park itself was really pretty, not as much trash as she expected. She had always heard it was nasty in the RL park, but these New Yorkers seemed to keep a handle on the litter issue.
 She was very glad to see they did not replicate it completely.
The only thing missing was the hotdog vendors *sigh* someday Tali will have a real New York Hotdog.
Till next time, take care.

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