Season Palette Hunt II, Part Seven

Enters Stage left.

Taliferrue, sneaking into the room , sits down, looks over her shoulder to see if she is followed, Looks directly at you the audience and smiles brightly. Doors rattle and boxes move in the back ground, steps sound heavy on a hard wood floor. Taliferrue whispers quietly, leans forward as if in cahoots with the crowd: "Hello everyone, welcome back for another session of how to evade your hunt partner and make them do all the work"

Enters Stage Right.

Serraphena stalks into the room behind Taliferrue, face scrunched up, shaking her head. Looks at the audience and then Taliferrue in exasperation. Serraphena states quite loudly "Not today, my dear friends, back to work with you, sluggard." Grabs Taliferrue's pointed ear dragging her off as she protests she was indeed looking for the item.

Exit Stage Left.

Intercession: Koketka 

Koketka features clothing for women, with a nice selection of Cosmetics.
 When we got here I was of course attracted to the chair behind the desk. It always mystified me why those are there in SL, so of course even though I know its for staff I must, can't resist....have to do it... SIT!
And of course, I get busted sleeping on the hunt! Boy that smack from Serra really hurt this time. So the hint here is "Look for me behind the curtains" Have fun with all those curtains *Laughs Manically*.
 We get this adorable half sweater with arm warmers. I, of course, to keep in the rule of modesty added a cute cream halter top under it from, yes my favorites store in all the world,  JANE.

Next Stop on our magical chase is  JeSyLiLO 

JeSyLiLO is an elaborate store of skins, shapes and cosmetics for women and men. Defiantly had enough around to distract my wandering eyes for a bit as I took in all they had to offer. They have a fun little swing to sit on a bit to rest if you are in need of a break. And they have two lucky letter chairs to try your luck at extra goodies.
The hint here is "Do you know Julie Vander? The sl-celebrity... yeah". First off, I do not know who Julie Vander is...Who is she??? There lies the ignorance of my ways, I suppose I should get out of my sky box more often. So since I didn't know who she was, I was a bit perplexed doing this one till I figured out just look for Julie and the rest will come. We get a really realistic wintry red cheeked skin as our giftie here. I was impressed with the quality of their skins.

Next stop, hop and skip is [Flit Ink] + [aberrant] 

This little shop is full of women's wear with a smattering of men's stuffs around. They have a couple of lucky letter boards for the slapping.

The hint here is "Is it hot in here? Or is it just you?" This was one I beat Serra too, not that she will admit it. But I did.. I did Serra, so there! We get this adorable unisex shirt that you can wear to match your partner.

And with that I say adieu once more my hunting pals, take care til next time.

Featured Hunt Details:

Name: Season's Palette Hunt II
Runs January 29 – February 29, 2012
Starts at: Season's Palette Hunt Headquarters
Cost: 0L per item
# of Stores: 54
Hunt Item: Small Color Palette like on the sign
Offical Blog: Season's Palette Blog
Cut and paste the link above into your chat window in SL, then click the link that appears.
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