Season Palette Hunt II, Part Four

And rounding the corner the eyes of the travelers fell upon a site that left them shivering in awe. Eyes widening and legs shaking with exhaustion, they moved forward closer to this relic in which they had sought for hours..minutes..some for days.. the small rectangular box glowed in the defused light of the night its winter jewel colored squares sparkled with an unearthly glow...the travelers stood in awe.. finally it was theirs. No one could move who would dare to reach for it first? Pushing forward Serraphena slapping Taliferrue upside the back of her head  as she pick up the box "Quit lollygagging Tali,  we have 40 more to find"

And so with a yelp of pain and a mischievous giggle they move on to the next stop, Nectar!

Nectar! is a fun little shop featuring women's clothing. The first thing I noticed is the MASSIVE tree in the middle of the shop with these bean sprouts all around it. Yes, Yes, Yes.... I love these things... and distracted I was as I had to try out every sitting position there was on this tree.
I mean it the tree was HUGE so HUGE *arms held out wide*This tree was so huge they had to take the roof off the building for it.  I had to bring Abbie in to see it. Abbie is a pure grade A treehugger, Abbie and Trees go hand in hand. Whoever made this tree and seats gets major props from us. LOVE THEM!
Serra of course, stayed the course and beat me to the hunt item as always. The hint here is "Ask Mo". First you have to find Mo, Mo has the answer...I didn't find Mo. I still have have no clue where Mo is. Serraphena got tired of me stumbling around and hanging on the tree she snapped at me where to get it at. We still spent a good 30-40 mins here with me playing (Smiles sheepishly at Serraphena).
 The hunt gift here is an awesome sweater that comes in three colors, what impressed me the most was the sweater prim did not do anything freaky on my totally curvy avie. You can also get this amazing dress from the group gift giver.
edited and updated: I went back to get the new February group gift from nectar and I found Mo!! So to help you guys out who can't seem to find him like me....*drum roll*
Meet Mo, no I won't tell you where he is or what he is exactly but at least you know what to look for to move on to the final hint. (please nectar owner do not kill me for posting Mo, he needed his moment of fame, too!) And seriously go check out that tree. I think there were four of us that spent a couple hours there just hanging out on it. Weird I know..but that tree..WOW!

Till next time my hunting friends!

Hunt Details:
Name: Season's Palette Hunt II
Runs January 29 – February 29, 2012
Starts at: Season's Palette Hunt Headquarters
Cost: 0L per item
# of Stores: 54
Hunt Item: Small Color Palette like on the sign
Offical Blog: Season's Palette Blog
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