Season's Hunt Palette II, Part Sixteen

Somewhere between here and now it is there....can you find them all. Let's see.

Next stop Cannibelle

Cannibelle has some amazing hand drawn feminine tattoos and lingerie. I liked the dark gothy feel of the store too, and yes plenty of seats for me to play around on for my ever growing sl library. You know how there's those families that come back from vacation with 70million pictures that they make you sit and look through? Well that is me and hunts. I love to make my friends look at my hunt pictures all 70million of them. See here is one now:
Over in the corner is a glowing scribo be sure to hit it and join the group to get the awesome group gifts before you get distracted hunting down the SPH gift. The hint here is quite fitting "Inky Quills"
We get a a really cool tattoo that has a front and back to it. The deer is dark in the picture above because I think I was wearing multiple layers. So do not be surprised it yours looks lighter than mine. I was just too lazy to retake it after I had already moved on to the next gift item to photograph.
Next stop Kaerri

Okay if you are using the teleport out of the hunt gift to teleport here be sure to turn on your flight first. They moved slightly to the side. That is annoying, but the norm in SL, so forewarned you are.
Kaerri features modern sleek furniture and accessories for your home. I , of course, had the time of my life in here and probably took 10x longer than Serra in finding the hunt palette. The hint here is "Crane your neck to see it." And as a gift we get a lovely modern ...or maybe even retro, (I was never good at stereotyping stuff) sitting area. The picture does not do justice to the colors at all.
Next stop  LeBloom

LeBloom is a very cute store that features casual clothing, accessories and home furnishings. As you enter the door, join the group, its free, for a fatpack of colorful logo shirts. Perfect for layering.
LeBloom has the most comfy loooking couch at the end of the entryway, screams "TALI SIT DOWN" and so I did. Much to Serra's ire. You would figure by now she would be used to my slacking ways, wouldn't you? While you are there kicked back enjoying the scenery and camming around for the prize, slap the midnight mania boards on each side of the sitting area. There are some really adorable jeans on one, I have yet to get them but I keep slappin away hoping.
The hint here is ""All sewn up!"" We get this really cute sitting area with some cute accessories. Yes..yes that is the same couch as in the sitting area. My own big brown comfy couch! I had fun making Mel pose for this picture. He is like my co-worker, just doesn't get why I do this. It's fun, of course!

Next stop  Somnia

Somnia offers a wide varity of clothing and accessories to suit just about every taste. Including cutesy, casual, daring, delicious and furry friendly. I especially enjoyed this store as it has a sitting area with a lot of poses. I loved the big chair, the poses in it were just my style. But what I really loved were the racing washing machines, you sit on them and speed around the shop. So much fun!
There is also a fun freebie area on the topish floor of the store, use the teleporter to find it, it has a fortune teller machine and a lucky chair, . The hint for this item is "After all your hunting why not sit back and relax while you listen to some music." We get a cute shirt fat pack, it comes in six colors to match the hunt palette.
And so it is time to dine, I shall be back to finish the hunt up tonight I do believe, till then don't get left behind find your palettes!

Featured Hunt Details:

Name: Season's Palette Hunt II
Runs January 29 – February 29, 2012
Starts at: Season's Palette Hunt Headquarters
Cost: 0L per item
# of Stores: 54
Hunt Item: Small Color Palette like on the sign
Offical Blog: Season's Palette Blog
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