Season's Palette Hunt II, Part Ten

I'll have a mocha latte with chocolate sprinkles please! I don't know why I typed that in. I do not particularly like Mocha Lattes. In fact I could say I have never had one. See I don't drink coffee. But here I am talking as if I do.

Why do we do that say we like something that we don't. Is it to save the feelings of the person offering us the items or asking us the question? Probably I suspect that is the primary reason and the fact people tend to try to avoid conflict and that is one of the easiest ways out of it. So because of that fact I have resolved not to say I like something that I blog if I don't like it.

But I don't want to hurt anyone feelings just because what they offer is something not of my liking so for those items I will just not blog about it. So ultimately what I am saying here is that for everything I blog about I see something positive about it and want to share it and I understand what I like isn't always what someone else likes. oh bah.. such a soapbox i got on. eh forgets I went on about it all Let's get on with the hunt!

Next stop <:*BoOgErS*:>

BoOgErS features Boys Clothing, Accessories, Furniture and more. The most interesting item I found about this store other than the wide variety of kid avatar orientated items was the GIGANTIC nose. It's kind of gross to look at but quite fitting for the store.
The bedroom sets are amazing, Serra and I had a ton of fun trying them out. (Yes our avatars are small enough to fit them). I personally loved the space ship room,but Serra was all about the raft room. The quality of these sets are phenomenal.
The hint here is " Blast OFF! ". You get this really cute and adorable Naked Tree Bedroom set. The colors really popped. I can imagine a lot of people who get this will wish it was adult size... I know I do.
Next stop Razorblade Jacket

Razorblade Jacket features urban grunge post apocalyptic apparel for those who walk on the darker side of life.
You ever walk into a store and they totally matched the theme of the shop to their merchandise. It's done so well the atmosphere is set and you feel it deep in you? I know i am getting metaphysical and weird here but I love, love grunge urban post apocalyptic stores. (I know you cant tell by how I dress but we all have our flip sides) And most of the time I get disappointed by the ones I visit. This one totally pleased me down to the little meeroo they have guarding the door. You say but wait how is a meeroo grungy? Well, it's a long mane, short tailed skelly meeroo!
The hint here is "Lucky". Serra found this one first cause I was busy gawking at the meeroo. We get this great grungy plumy shirt. I added a lace top from JANE under it to  keep my modesty and dressed it up a bit with pearls and a nice pair of cord pants.

Next stop Leri Miles Designs

Leri Miles Designs features a huge selection of fine women's clothing and accessories. This store is well laid out and nicely designed. Serra and I had a lot of fun looking around but the one thing I felt it missed was anything for me to play on! I actually had to work and look for the hunt item *sad face*
But in my camming I found a lot of interesting items I would recommend to check out like the purses upstairs if you need a new bag or if you like to run around in your socks at home they have a lot of cute fun socks with little heads on them. I have not seen that style of sock anywhere else.
The hint here is "It will seem like he has this many arms when he sees you in this!" and I was so not looking in the right place for this one. Serra found it, I say by accident but she swears it was not an accident. For the gift here you get this amazing designed mesh dress..I look great in this dress. I am not sold on mesh, not a fan at all, with my curvy figure a lot of it don't seem to fit right but this one fitted the voluptuousness of Tali beautifully. Finally a mesh dress I don't run from.

And with that I must take my curvy self to bed, take care all til next time.

Featured Hunt Details:

Name: Season's Palette Hunt II
Runs January 29 – February 29, 2012
Starts at: Season's Palette Hunt Headquarters
Cost: 0L per item
# of Stores: 54
Hunt Item: Small Color Palette like on the sign
Offical Blog: Season's Palette Blog
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