Season's Palette Hunt II, Part Twelve

TGIF -- I am sooooo happy its Friday! The weekend is upon us. I don't know about ya'll but the weekend is alot of work for me on SL but it means I can forget my RL for a bit and that is priceless. Speaking of priceless let's get on with  some more reviews on the Season's Palette II hunt.

Next stop Bliensen + MaiTai

Bliensen + MaiTai is a fine jewelry and accessory store. It is bursting full of unique jewelry designs that will take you a bit to see it all.
The hint for this store is "I hope it's not the final ... you are facing - but i totally did it my way."  The giftie here is a lovely set of earrings for the girls and a nice necklace for the guys. I kept both.. all mine..mwahaha!

Next stop ZINAS

Zinas is a quaint little shop, with gorgeous stained glass windows, featuring casual women's clothing. When you teleport in do not get confused and go over to The Phoenix Collections across the way. Both shops look identical to each other and both are in the hunt but The Phoenix Collections is number 54 in the hunt.
The hint here is "I see you come, and I see you go. But Do you ever see ME!" I found this one first cause Serra was across the way at the other shop lost trying to tell me to get the group present over there, while I was searching for what she was saying where I was. It was quite confusing for a bit till we figured out there were two stores that look almost identical to each other. Oh be sure to slap the boards and grab the free gift at ZINAS too while you're there.
At ZINAS we get this lovely circular couch. Its a very nice item. If you have trouble getting the pose balls out click the lower part of the seat prim, not the top. That worked best for me.

Next stop *Anymore....

*Anymore is a fun little clothing shop for women. There are also a nice selection of skins and accessories. It seemed to be a pretty popular store, Serra and I had fun watching other avatars wander around. Many of them had a unique view on their clothing styles and AOs.
They have such a huge panda laying passed out on the porches. As I was hunting for the object I ran Serra working really hard at hunting too (see below). I don't think the prize is hidden behind the panda Serra.
 There is no official hint here so here is one I made up for you "After a hard day at work I just like to kick back on my couch and watch tv."  As a prize we get this cute polka dotted mini dress.

And with that I say adieu once more my hunting pals, take care til next time.

Featured Hunt Details:

Name: Season's Palette Hunt II
Runs January 29 – February 29, 2012
Starts at: Season's Palette Hunt Headquarters
Cost: 0L per item
# of Stores: 54
Hunt Item: Small Color Palette like on the sign
Offical Blog: Season's Palette Blog
Cut and paste the link above into your chat window in SL, then click the link that appears.
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