Season's Palette II Part Three!

Onward Tally-ho!! 

No.. I did not just call myself a ho.."Tally-ho" is an old call the British used to call forward the hounds on a hunt...and no I am not calling any of you dogs. I just wanted to get you excited. Awh man, this conversation angle is just making me look so bad. I am shutting up on this topic now. On to our continuing saga, The Season Palette Hunt II.

Next Stop: Graffitiwear 

Graffitiwear has original hand-drawn fashion at affordable prices for women and men. There are midnight mania , group gifts, and lucky letters boards to slap at this store. They also have a winter garden up on the roof open to all visitors to use as a rest spot to relax. I thought that was a cute idea. Be sure to check it out before you leave. 
 The hunt hint here is "Seasons come and seasons go, but wintertime means snow, snow, snow!" This one was a bit of a challenge and yes Serraphena found it first as usual and laughed a bit more as I tired to telly to her and kept hitting my head on the ceiling. Its crazy how SL does that to me, some times I go through things other times I just get stuck hanging by my head in the ceiling. Okay to the to the graffiti-giftie its a cute little winter dress gorgeous pink mauve coloring, texturing is lovely and the prims are so easy to adjust to fit. I usually avoid the prims around the waist but this was just adorable.

Next we traverse to: LOORDES OF LONDON 

Now this is a fun store, a virtual hunter's paradise. I counted no less than 20 hunt signs up and found just about all the prizes.
My bag was bursting from this store and ya..maybe I even relinquished some of my precious lindens here too. The hint here is " Winter Wellies ". I have to say I got distracted and even forgot what hunt I was actually on for a few minutes but Serra got me back on track with a good bash to the back of my head with her shopping bag. *rubs head* yeah definitely put this store on your shopping list! We got this awesome pair of Millbury boots for our prize.

Next Stop: SAKIDE 

Sakide features casual clothing for women. This store looks little from the store front but let me tell you there is a ton to see, several floors to explore. There also are lucky boards, midnight mania, loads of camping chairs, and a freebies out front in a cute little atrium. 
Since there was so much ground to cover this one was a bit of a challenge too for me, Serraphena was nice and didn't tell me she found it almost immediately letting me stumble around again. I get distracted by the little details in shops. I love the ones that have little nic-nacs and stuff around. It just heightens the experience.
The price is a really cute sweater pant set. It comes in several colors and the pants have several different cuff options. This set was pretty much moved to my keeper folder after I tried on the first color. This is my style of clothing.

Next stop: In The Habit 

In The Habit is the equestrian apparel, footwear and accessories brand for both men and women. In The Habit sells both English and Western attire, but primarily focuses on formal English clothing. There are linden coins to hunt down and mini mania's to slap.

This is a PG role play sim for Equestrian Roleplay.  You can take damage here so be careful not to fall. Poor Serraphena was standing around outside and caming in the store and next thing she knew she was dead. I was innocently waiting on a linden lab coin to anti up its 10L to me when she shockingly reported she died. We probably will never know what killed her....

Teach her to laugh at me so muches!! 

Seriously though I did not do it, so be careful. The hint for this stop is "We cross over from Second Life to Real Life here." This one confused me but once I figured it out, it was a pretty niffy idea on their part to cross over to RL like that. Things in sl never fail to astound me. 
I really enjoyed the gift from here. I had fun showing it off to my sister, Ms Joha D, she loves all things equestrian and always wears some form of riding outfit. This set comes in multiple colors. I especially like the quality of the textures on the pants and the hoodie is a fun addition to the outfit. I would have so worn this when I worked in the stables mucking out the stalls. The boots I bought in a riding set from marketplace.

And with that I call it a night, Take care my hunter friends-Till we hunt again!
~ Taliferrue

Hunt Details:
Name: Season's Palette Hunt II
Runs January 29 – February 29, 2012
Starts at: Season's Palette Hunt Headquarters
Cost: 0L per item
# of Stores: 71
Hunt Item: Small Color Palette like on the sign
Offical Blog: Season's Palette Blog
Cut and paste the link above into your chat window in SL, then click the link that appears.

Non Hunt Outfit Items:

Non Hunt Appearance Items:
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