Second Life Inventory Management: Cleaning and Archiving Landmarks

Welcome back to another day of hard labor within Second life. I am still on my path of terror to get my inventory organized and under control. I have read sixty million more articles on the subject at work and I am now ready to impart what I have learned from them all along with my own tips. If you haven't already read it, I would recommend reading yesterdays post on setting up your folders in your inventory. Today we are going to focus on organizing our Landmarks by sorting them, getting rid of duplicate and archiving.
I am going to teach you a few tricks I learned mainly from Mar's blog SL for Nowt on dealing with your landmarks. Mar is the queen of organizing even if she won't claim the title. So if you have read her blog  then this will sound familiar. I am using firestorm viewer therefore the placement of buttons and such might be different for you. If you need help leave me a comment and I will try to sort it out for you.

The first thing we are going to do is tackle your Landmark folder. Now if you are like me you gather a ton of them up. And I bet there seems to be hundreds more by the time you get ready to log off each night. So lets get into a habit of sorting them when we get them or when we make them, eh?

First step is, of course, making category folders to sort them into. Then we want to open up a second Inventory window. To do this, open your inventory, click the suitcase on the bottom of the screen.
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 Now you should have two inventory windows open. In one scroll it where you can see your category folders and in the other scroll it down where you see your landmarks. Rename the ones you plan to keep by removing the funny numbers and stuff at the beginning so that they file alphabetically. Then click and drag the land marks into the appropriate category folder. Move fast because the folders might scroll on you and that can  be very frustrating to deal with.

Only keep the land marks you will use often, for the ones you want to keep but don't want to access a lot create a Archive Notecard. First create a note card, name it something you can remember. I have one card in each of my category folders to make it easier to find the landmarks. It can get hard if you just throw them on one in a folder. This of course takes time to sort out.

So what I try to do is sort them out daily but mostly I am lucky if I get to it once a week.  I quickly sort all my landmarks into the appropriate category folders before I log off, deleting the ones I know I won't go back to. Then once a week I open the note card up and sort out the ones I wanted to archive from the ones I use regularly. This takes me about 30mins.

A handy tip to know when you create a landmark you can tell it to store it directly into your category folders when you make it. Go to WORLD > LANDMARK THIS PLACE. It will open a "Create Landmark window". Click the drop down where it says "Landmark Location:" and select the category folder you want it filed into. Then click Close.
Okay, once you get your landmark folder cleaned up we will move on to removing duplicate landmarks from our item folders. First thing I always do when cleaning my Landmarks, I learned this from Mar also, is open a blank note card. I label the Notecard "Land Marks (date)" Leave it open to the side, you can minimize it but don't shut it down. You will need it.

First thing you want to do is open your inventory window. Click the "ALL TYPES" button in the upper right corner, then click "CUSTOM". Then you want to click the "NONE" button on the filter window. Your inventory will disappear. This is okay. Next click the check box next to Landmarks.
 Click your "EXPAND" button at the top of your inventory window. All your land marks will show up in the folders. Now take a second and write down the number of items in your inventory. Not a Mandatory step but a fun one. I have 15,736 Items in my inventory at the start of this purge.
As you can see I have a ton of duplicate land marks in most of my folders. Lets work on clearing those out shall we? Get a pen and paper and write down the top offenders you see. I have a ton of Grumble landmarks (yes I shop there a lot). So I enter in Grumble in the top search bar and it narrows it all down to just the grumble landmark's showing.
Taking the first one I drag it over to my note card I have open for Landmarks. I write some notes under it why I want to keep it and then hit save. Then I will go through and delete all the Grumble Landmarks. If you hold down your CTRL key and click on the landmarks you can select multiple ones at the same time. After I am done I like to empty my TRASH CAN to see how many I had. It took my inventory down to 15,707... that means I had 28 duplicates for Grumble in my inventory. Now I shall rinse and repeat these steps on my inventory till I have cleaned up my landmarks in all of my right back with the results!

---Cue the elevator music here--

And 20mins later I am down to 15,234...that's almost 500 un-needed Landmarks!! Big pat on my back! That's an awesome step in clearing up my inventory clutter, so I shall take a break. I heard of a sale I need to check out >.>

Oh, but before I leave, be sure to clear your filter so all your inventory comes back. Go to your Inventory window, click the little tool gear thingie at bottom left and select "RESET FILTERS".
Till the next post, Take care!
~ Taliferrue
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