Steal of a Deal!

One of the best things in SL is shopping with friends I always find it more fun to take someone along to share the experience. And every so often a friend will tell you about a great place to visit you had no clue existed. As happened tonight, I was told about the Tropicalia Bizarre II, it is a SL discount shop, Everything is 75L. There are poses, jewelry, clothing and shoes! Not free mind you, but discounted.  There is even an online magazine associate with the Bizarre. They have stuff from a ton of designers like the art body store, Reale, EverGlow, Yulicie, Purple Moon, Nemeis and quite a few more. But the Gem I want to share with you are the Canterbury boots from LOORDES OF LONDON.
Each Pair are 75L and come in two colors, Deep Blue and Scarlett. I do want to warn  you if your avatar has chunky legs (>.> yes, mine does.. i am short and chunky and Mel loves it) the alpha layers included in these boots may not work as well for you as on a taller/skinnier avatar. But never you fear I have a solution to even that problem and it wont cost you but a few minutes of your time!

You can get this amazing set of Boot Alpha's for free off of Marketplace. The set comes with about 50 alpha layers that cover in slow increments your legs so you can adjust slowly to get just the right fit. You can get  a set of Shoe Alpha's from the same maker for free too. I recommend both sets. I used number 39 for these boots.

Well happy bargain hunting my friends. Besure to check this place out and nab the boots. Who knows how long they will be up.

 Take care!
~ Taliferrue
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