Casual and Elegant Freebie Finds

Good Day Everyone! *Smiles Waving*

I have managed to hammer down my inventory to around 13,000 items. I am so pleased with myself. In doing so I found a few gems I wanted to share with you.

The first outfit is by Unique Clothing. Perfect for a day out on the ball field watching your favorite team play.
It is the current subscriber gift, that means free, just slap that board. It comes with two styles of tops one that shows the mid-drift and the other that tucks in to the shorts that come with it. The flip flops were a free gift off the Guess & Win board at Viviane Fashion. You just have to match up the squares to get them. The skin is by Pink Fuel -  Alyxa past hunt gift, no longer available. 

The next outfit is a mass of several goodies I had received over the last week.
This was a fun outfit to put together. The sneakers are from the subscriber gift at Viviane Fashion. I am sporting some cool snowflake jeans from Essencial. They were a subscriber gift. You also get the yummy chocolate bar as part of the gift from Essencial. The top is from Sexy Bish, living dead girl unisex T. The lovely hair is by Truth, Ashlin (250L). The glasses are  ROLE OPTIC GLASSES SG 82 - Ares I (469L) on marketplace. The skin is  Alyx by Pink Fuel. It was a past hunt gift so no longer available. If you do like this one, you should check out the Elly line. I almost bought it before I found this one in the hunt item, now I am holding my breath for the Alyx line.

a side note: I hear there is going to be a huge sale at Truth District between April 1-7th with tons of items 50% off. Might be worth a gander to see what hairs Truth puts on sale.

The next outfit I have for you is the monthly group gift from Ever An' Angel. The group is free to join.
It is a luscious creamy chocolate evening gown, that shimmers as you move. I love this dress. The colors are perfect. The style is amazing. I paired it up with  Dark Mouse cascading gold beads and earrings to give it a gorgeous finished look for a night out on town. They are 50L on Marketplace. I am wearing Truth's Eden Up-do in Carmel. It's one of the most elegant hair styles I have found to wear with my evening outfits.The skin is by Pink Fuel - Alyx Honey, on sale for 99L currently.

The final outfit in this post is a really unique one that I enjoyed pulling together into this expressive image.
The darling outfit I am wearing comes from K2K Enterprises. It is the Fashioncentric Hunt gift. I love the flower hat! The Vita skin is the free march group gift from Shey Fashion, I blogged about last week. The lovely tresses are Mandy in caramel, made by  Truth, 250L. The shape is by Alyce on the marketplace called Chibi Elf  for 90L.

And that is all for me today. Take care till I post again.

Shopping List:
Unique Clothing
Viviane Fashion
Sexy Bish
Truth District
Truth Hair
Role Optic
Pink Fuel
Ever An' Angel
Dark Mouse
K2K Enterprises

Photo Location:
Taliferrue's Top Secret Photo Studio

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  - Niamhinations! (Niamh Kleiner)
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