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Recently, while out doing pictures and research for the Fashioncentric hunt, Serra and I ran into an old friend, Minx at Shey Fashion

Small side note: the Fashioncentric hunt is one  you definitely want to do, from what Serra and I have seen this is going to be a good one. Some amazing designers (over 125 of them so far and still joining) and some awesome prizes. Keep watching here, cause I do plan to blog every last one of those prizes for you. Biggest hunt yet that I have tackled to review...lol let's see if I can do it!

Okay back to Minx and Shey... We hadn't seen Minx in forever so she joined up with us in our research trip and offered to model a bit of clothing for me. Which I am sure for you guys probably is a nice change to seeing my face constantly. I have been wanting to try and get a variety of models on my blog for a while so I figured why not. Shey Fashion is one of her favorite new haunts, so I thought it would be a good time to to feature both it and Minx.

Shey Fashion is a clothing store for men and women. It has a wide range of interesting styles to please just about anyone looking for a new outfit.  Shey has a huge discount & group gift area, with several limited items at discounted prices. The group is free to join and totally worth it for what you get as a member.

Minx fell in love with Shey's March Women's gift which came with a lovely Vita Skin. It is beautifully tanned with a plethora of adorable freckles scattered about the body and face. She is wearing a free blouse from Luziefee - Play Shirt in blue with Free Mesh Jeans from Shey along with Mesh Sneakers, also from free from Shey. To accent the outfit she wore a simple leather bracelet from K2K enterprises, also a free gift. 
I told Minx that the Shey Vita skin looked really too innocent for her since she was more of the risque type of gal and that jean's outfit she put together really looked  more like something I would wear than she would. So she just laughed at me and told me to just watch what she could do with it.
And I have to say I was impressed. She took that cute demure looking girl and turned her into an exotic sex kitten. She wore the free Shey Diva gift, which comes with the jewelry pictured and Vogue's Chinese New Year gift, reviewed in January, so no longer available. It was a gorgeous change in personality..now that is the Minx I know.

Other notes on Minx's outfit. Minx wears the Body & Soul , Yasmin Shape Series 3. I do not think it's available she has worn it for about a year now, but i am sure Body & Soul still has excellent shapes. Her hair is Slink's Angel Hair purchased at the 2010 Hair fair. Her eyes are the Blue Mojo from Kyxe for 120L, though she wants it noted they were bought for 60L on group discount. Always the penny pincher. *smiles*

It's good to have Minx in the mix, till the next great freebie find.
Take care!

Shopping List:
Shey Fashion

K2K Enterprises


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Taliferrue's Top Secret Photo Studio

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