The Fresh Unknown Hunt, Stores 21-23

It's that time again..let's hop forward an hour on those clocks!

Our journey into the Fresh Unknown Hunt continues! Today I have 3 more great little shops to share with you.  Here are the hunt details for those who want to jump into the fresh unknown from the start!
The Fresh Unknown Hunt. (TFUH)
Runs: March 1st - 31st
Cost: 1L
Look for: Little Flowers (can be four different colors)

Store 21:  Rowena Paine's Junque

HINT: Fresh Unknown or Fez Unknown?

You know how I go on about shops needing to have a personality. Something that makes it stand out in your mind.. something that makes it fun to visit. Well, I must say Rowena Paine's Junque totally blew the bar off my scale for amazing character in a shop. This place was just plain fun to be in. This shop specializes in Tiny stuff, Egyptian role play items, Earrings, and Oddities. It has so much cool not skip this one.
And as amazing as the shop was to visit the gift was just as fun to find. We get to take a little bit of this shops personality home with us in our own Swamp Hunt. It is totally modifiable and the lantern turns on and off. It's an awesome touch to any sim that wants a bit of personality.
Store 22: ColdLogic

HINT: Hair

coldLogic is one of the newest clothing shops to hit the grid with a bang. If you have not heard about coldlogic yet, you need to come out of house more often. coldLogic features high quality mesh clothing for women. They are participating in a couple of hunts and are on the same sim as JANE, so I recommend wandering around a bit.
For the gift here we get an awesome mesh top that is two-toned. It comes in three colors: red, black, and blue. coldLogic also uses standardized sizing for their mesh products. If you don't know what standardized sizing is read my post on March 3rd - Let's talk about mesh.
Store 23: AV Design

HINT:  Well, near of a heart you will find the enlightenment..

AV Design makes holiday-related items, furniture for home and garden, men's jewelry & home accessories. If you need a gift for your loved one there are tons of them in the gift shop. Be sure to check out the adorably decorated bakery while here.
The gift from here is a flashlight necklace that changes colors as you wear it. It would be quite a fun little necklace to wear to the clubs.
 The tops worn in the picture above are  from by Somina , they are not free.The jacket is called the Militant Jacket and the green top is from the Lazy Beater Tank collection.

Note: Store 24 dropped from hunt.

And that my friends is all I wrote (tonight at least). Check back tomorrow for Stores 25-27 in The Fresh Unknown Hunt.


Shopping List

Rowena Paine's Junque
AV Design

Created using my (CTS) Wardrobe Hud, The poses inside are from the following creators:
  - AAA Poses (Ella Bremer)
  - Klassy Kitty Designs (Darius Scientist)
  - *Le Freak* (Lonka Simondsen)
  - Niamhinations! (Niamh Kleiner)
Added to Stand by me:
 - Just a Hunch (Lemon Artemesia)
Created using the animations in my AO from VISTA, Sweet Chica.
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