The Fresh Unknown Hunt, Stores 25-27

Hellos All *waves cheerfully*

Who is ready to get to hunting those bright little flowers in the Fresh Unknown Hunt? I know I am. It's rare I find a hunt with so many items I slide to my keep folder.

Here are the hunt details for those who want to jump into the fresh unknown!
The Fresh Unknown Hunt. (TFUH)
Runs: March 1st - 31st
Cost: 1L
Look for: Little Flowers (can be four different colors)

Store 25: [dirty.little.secret]

HINT:  Do I look a little twiggy these days to you?

Dirty.little.secret, isn't as dirty as you might think, and isn't a clothing store either. It is a shop full of original designs that combined a large range of styles from modern to steampunk. Tash Porthos creates what makes her happy and then shares her happiness with us through her designs. Her shop is a definite stop to explore.
The lovely gift she has given us is an awesome sky box studio apartment build. It's quite a eclectic mix of styles to give you a unique hang out to call home. This sophisticated living space in olive, black and copper tones features a roomy skybox; compact and functional modular living space with drapes; a loft bed with 3 poses; a seating sectional with four poses; an ottoman with one pose; a wicker chair with three poses; two stools, each with a different pose; a marble tub with four poses; two ladders; a section of corner drapes over the tub; a feather pendant lamp; a large ornamental wall clock; a piece of art noveau styled wall art; a feather rug; an oriental rug; three baskets; a copper urn with one pose.Prims, Furnished = 88 Skybox Only = 13
Store 26: Tiar

HINT: I don't know how to dance gorean style

This shop has a large selection of erotic furniture for use in many role play settings. Careful you can get lost in here. It's that large.
The gift from here is a gorgous outfit for women. It comes with multiple layers so you can get that just right look. I personally love the necklace... I so have a jewelry addiction. The quality on this outfit is amazing.
Store 27: So what...

HINT: Meet me around Midnight


So What... is a stylish Store that specializes in casual chic and club-wear. They have a large selection that will fit the tastes of the most modest to those who like to show it all.
Both Men and Women get a gift here. For the woman its a bright green lacy shirt. It comes in three colors. For the men, they get equally bright Tees with three colors. I loved the dragon on this orange one.

And that my friends is all I wrote (tonight at least). Check back tomorrow for Stores 28-30 in The Fresh Unknown Hunt.


Shopping List
So what...

Created using my (CTS) Wardrobe Hud, The poses inside are from the following creators:
  - AAA Poses (Ella Bremer)
  - Klassy Kitty Designs (Darius Scientist)
  - *Le Freak* (Lonka Simondsen)
  - Niamhinations! (Niamh Kleiner)
Added to Stand by me:
 - Just a Hunch (Lemon Artemesia)
Created using the animations in my AO from VISTA, Sweet Chica.
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