The Fresh Unknown Hunt, Stores 28-30

Do the hookie-pookie and turn your self around...and that's what it's all about!

I am in such a good mood today.  In today's installment of the Fresh Unknown Hunt I have some darling prizes from some awesome new little shops to share. So grab your shopping bag and let's go get 'em!

Here are the hunt details for those who want to jump into the fresh unknown!

The Fresh Unknown Hunt. (TFUH)
Runs: March 1st - 31st
Cost: 1L
Look for: Little Flowers (can be four different colors)

Store 28: Stunna Shapes

HINT:  A splash of colour in her hair

Stunna Shapes is not your average SL shape shop - no skinny shapes here - thick in all the right places - these shapes don't turn heads, but will snap necks, realistic female shapes created by Maggpie Daines. I  really liked this part of the store description, it totally sums up the shapes you will find here:
"For women that aren't afraid to show their curves,
 and for the men that love something to grab on to."

Whoo hoo baby got back. The gift here is a shape with physics for the full figured goddess hiding in all of us.
I do want to mention the outfit in the picture above is from by Somina. Somnia offers a wide varity of clothing and accessories to suit just about every taste. Including cutesy, casual, daring, delicious and furry friendly. All items are hand made original and quality designs by Sanura Snowpaw.  I am wearing the Button Flap Jeans  and  Striped Queen shirt. If you still have not visited Somina, you really should hop over there and take a spin on the washing machines.

Store 29: blah.BLAH.blah

HINT: My heart is for you

blah.Blah.blah has casual chic clubwear outfits for women. It's a pretty fun store to explore with multiple items to play on while you're shopping. I recommend joining the scribo to keep up with the store.
Once you find this cleverly hidden gift you will see you are the owner of a cute lil pink top. Perfect to wear to the club or out shopping to show off those pretty shoulders.

Store 30: *.JULYs.*

HINT: Do you like coffee??

JULYs is a fresh little shop featuring women's clothing, piercings, & tattoos. It has some lovely little spots to take a rest as you check out the merchandise.

Our gift from JULYs is two-fold, we get a bold blue mesh halter top and a sassy pinkish skull tee.

And that my friends is all I wrote (tonight at least). Check back tomorrow for Stores 31-33 in The Fresh Unknown Hunt.


Shopping List

Stunna Shapes

Created using my (CTS) Wardrobe Hud, The poses inside are from the following creators:
  - AAA Poses (Ella Bremer)
  - Klassy Kitty Designs (Darius Scientist)
  - *Le Freak* (Lonka Simondsen)
  - Niamhinations! (Niamh Kleiner)
Added to Stand by me:
 - Just a Hunch (Lemon Artemesia)
Created using the animations in my AO from VISTA, Sweet Chica.
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