Home Sweet Home

Sometimes change is a good thing, I needed a change...in this case it was in the form of a new home for me and my zoo. It was hard finding just the right home for what I needed. My criteria was it had to be whimsical, woodsy, room for my horses, giraffes, dogs, meeroos, snails and my studio. Oh and did I mention it had to be affordable, definitely has to be affordable. I know that's asking alot but I was on a mission!
I found this wonderful builder named Sensorya Xue. She creates some of the most whimsical and fun skybox builds I have ever gotten to play in. It was a hard choice but after playing in world at the rez zone for an hour or so, I ended up selecting the Autumn Ranch. The Autumn ranch is this beautiful elven/fae setting with separate areas for my animals and me. It's 60x60 and only 287 prims. Comes in a rez box and is modifiable so you can deprim it down if you would like. And the great thing is the sign said 200L but it was 50% off, so affordable here it comes at 100L for one of the most amazing homes I have ever lived in.
I did a few modifications on my sky box, to make it my home, but I thought I would share how pretty it turned out to be. I changed the ground covering to a darker tone; I love the lush forest feel. I built a box around it outside to give me a sense of privacy, using a texture of an English forest.
As you can see there is plenty of rooms for all my meeroos, giraffes and horses; all separated out with some semblance of order, but still playfully arranged.
There are actually three stable areas, one just off to the side of the house that when you sit by the window inside you can see the horses outside. I thought that was an awesome touch. There is a small pond with several pretty swirling bubbles over it.
The house itself was half the size it is in the picture above, but I copied it over and turned it int a longer house so that I could have a small sitting area inside and my studio at the other end. Lets go inside.
This is my new sitting area, the furniture is from Dreamscapes Art Gallery. I love their stuff.  The couch (299L) and chair (99L) are called Springfever, the coffee table is from the Dreamer set. The rug is called "worn rug 8"(80L). The round side table is by Lisp's Bizarre Books-Coffee-Table-Steaming-Mug-Set, 5L on marketplace. Lisp's is another one of my favorite shops for home decor.
This charming little birds cage on a tree trunk is the Dreamscape Art Gallery VIP group gift, which is free to join. Next to the group gift board there are several slap boards where you can get chances to win some other great goodies.

The other end of the build is my studio area, you can't really see as I have it retracted into the stand. It is too blinding if I leave it up as its a stark white. I have a small sitting area in the center with some items that I have picked up over time. I like to sit here and watch Mel's pet snails go around and around. Yes, he really has pet snails. They are made by Bearsfoot Lane, they don't do anything but creep around in circles but they are fun to have around. I buy alot of my little whimsical things from Bearsfoot. They make awesome chimes.
Oh I do want to mention before I go, that Dreamscapes Art Gallery is having a small mini Twisted hunt, you can get the items below free if you can find all five starfish. The mini hunt is over on the 31st.

Well that's all for me this evening. Enjoy your night and I'll see you at the next great freebie find.

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