It's a bit of a Mania Night.

*Waves* It's been a good Monday.. I say this because I logged in to find several Midnight Mania Boards I slapped last night gave me some goodies as I toiled my life away in real life. I have a bit of fun playing around with them. 

Which by the way I got new ears!! And I am so tickled with these. Love them, so take a peek at them in the images below, you will be seeing a lot of them they are made by Lemon Tea and only cost 175L. They were very easy to color too. Modifiable so I was able to drop my No Detach script in them. So no losing my ears now when I switch my hair styles. Lemon Tea is awesome for these ears!

This is probably my favorite image I put together tonight, Tali looked so sad in it. I made the expression in the photo using "Anypose" a free facial and hand posing HUD, it's free on marketplace. The hair is by "D!va"" Hair  called "Chiharu" (Onyx). Its a free gift 5000 group members gift you can find it and several other cool gifts on the second landing. The dress was a midnight mania board gift from Jess's Dream. Wings are from Favole and are not free, but I believe they are under 100L. Tears are from Sour Kandee.

I wanted to play a bit with my retro backgrounds so I made up this image featuring cute outfit from Image Reflections. Its called Ex Hipster Outfit, it rotates with some pumps on the midnight mania board. So if it is not up when you go, check back the next day.  I paired it up with boots from Shoenique Designs. They are the Laced Black Ankle Boots. They are free if you join the group, which is also free. The necklace I am wearing is by Maxi Gossamer, its called Black Tahitian Pearl Necklace and comes in several layers. They are Mesh, amazing quality and well worth more than the 99L you will pay for them. Check out the fat pack at 199L, you get four colors in it for the price of two! I was pleased with that purchase. Probably will buy more of Maxi's jewelry, it looks awesome. I am still wearing the hair by "D!va"" Hair  called "Chiharu" (Onyx). Tali looks quite a bit smug in this image..wonder what she is thinking.

The last lovely bit I am going to share with you is this beautiful green gown from Sassy!. It is called "Wicked Green Dress" and can be found on the midnight mania board. It comes in several layers so you can mix it up to get just the look you would like.The hair is from  "D!va"" Hair  and is called "Maya". It is the 2nd Anniversary gift, free to group members. Group is free to join. I am still wearing  the Black Tahitian Pearl Necklace by Maxi Gossamer and the lacy  boots from Shoenique Designs. The green on this dress really brings out my skin tone. Love it.

And that is it for me tonight ya'll take care till our next post.

Shopping List:

Jess's Dream

Image Reflections



Shoenique Designs

Maxi Gossamer

Photo Location:
Taliferrue's Top Secret Photo Studio

Other Details to Tali's Outfits:
Skin - [PF] Alyx by Pink Fuel - Hunt Gift (10L)
Eyes - Realistic Honey - AZ Eyes Marketplace (5L)
Ears - Lemon Tea - Elvens Ears Simple (175L)
Ring - Claddagh Woven Ring - Silver (795L)
Glasses - ROLE OPTIC GLASSES SG 82 - Ares I (469L)

Created using my (CTS) Wardrobe Hud, The poses inside are from the following creators:
  - AAA Poses (Ella Bremer)
  - Klassy Kitty Designs (Darius Scientist)
  - *Le Freak* (Lonka Simondsen)
  - Niamhinations! (Niamh Kleiner)
Created using the animations in my AO from VISTA, Sweet Chica.
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