One For the Men

Just Because has come out with another great release for men. It's the Saunter outfit. It comes with a hoodie, undershirt and trousers. You can wear it with or without  the undershirt.  Or just wear the undershirt by itself for a great look.  The full outfit costs 474L. It's a great casual look for men who prefer just to relax and be themselves. While you're at Just Because be sure to pick up the group gift and join in on the Pick raffle. You can see details on the group gift in my February 28th blog post. 
B!ASTA just released their March group gift. Mel and Tali both are wearing theirs. The men's gift is called  "Monday Morning" It consists of a nicely designed t-shirt and long shorts, shoes not included. The outfit is free you just need to join the group. It does cost to join the group but its affordable at 50L. I would recommend joining the group and staying in it for the gifts alone. You can't beat the quality of a good free men's outfit once a month. While you are there check out the slap board and find the free hunt items. The furniture set Mel and & Tali are using  is part of the Toscella Bar Set from Kaerri, Kaerri combines modern contemporary design furniture with classic traditional style.  Its fresh, simple, stylish and functional
And last goodie of the day for you men is the free unisex gift from Spearsong. It's a highly detailed black Tee, that screams - I'm relaxed for a weekend of hanging out with friends. I don't normally recommend Tees for guys  but what I like the most about this Tee is that the logo doesn't overwhelm you. You see the logo, you know its there but it don't detract from the man. You will have to join the group to get this Tee but its free.

Oh and before I forget, the kitchen set you see in the above picture is also from Kaerri, its the Odense set, newly released. You should go check it out. It has really clean lines and screams for a bachelor-pad. Mind you it isn't free, but falls with in the affordable range of under 1000L for the complete set.

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Till the next post, take care!

Shopping List:
Just Because - Saunter  (474L)

Spearsong - Unisex Group Gift (free, join group for free)

B!ASTA - Monday Morning group gift (free, join group 50L)

Kaerri - Furniture Settings (various prices)

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Kaerri Main Store

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