Playfully Beautiful

Woot! I am down to 12,292 items in my inventory. I am getting closer to my goal of 10,000. I can do this! So I have found some more wonderful gems to share with you today. I am quite pleased with these today.

The first one I have to show you is a sassy ensemble for the girl who knows what she wants in life. 
The outfit she is wearing is from Mimi's Boutique called Silver Glam. It comes with a top, skirt, earrings, bracelet, necklace and leg tattoo. It is off the Lucky Letter Chair out front. The color change aviator glasses are created by Pixel Box, 75L. She is wearing the D!va free group hair called Chiharu in onyx. The lovely skin is by Kyxe, Hanna in Copper with red lips (980L). I love how luscious and full the lips are. Her eyes are also by Kyxe. They are the Cayenne in  Medium. The awesome piratey metal wedge boots are a free group gift from Pirate Arts. I would recommend checking both Kyxe and Pirate Arts out, they both have excellent quality merchandise and gifts. They both have totally won me over as a fan of their designs. 

The next outfit is so adorable and innocent looking. It  made me think of once of those cute films featuring a farm girl somewhere in Germany or Holland (yes I know I am totally stereotyping here).
This cute little outfit is the Holiday Gift also from Mimi's Boutique. They have some really adorable clothing there. The beautiful skin is by Vershe, it is the My Fair Bride from the Tie the Knot hunt. The hunt finished but I know as of yesterday you could still find the little black box with a ring in it. I love how smooth and pure this skin makes her look. The Topaz hair is the latest group gift from
D!va, called D!va2, in celebration of more than 30,000 group members. There is also a pretty dress that goes with the hair. The eyes are from Kyxe, they are the Blue Mojo Medium (120L). 

Even though Christmas has come and is long gone I just had to share this cute outfit from Mimi's Boutique.
This cute little red top and skirt come with a body tattoo and striped stockings that come up over the knees. I am wearing the metal wedge boots from Pirate Arts again. The lovely skin is from Kyxe, the same as the Hanna in Copper above but with pink lips. Kyxe's skins come with five make-ups and a natural with each one. 

And the last outfit I want to share was alot of fun putting together. I wanted to have a fun casual look. 
In this picture I am wearing the Hannah in Copper Natural Skin by Kyxe (890L). The outfit is from Es Stylez and is a free gift. I suspect it's supposed to be a guys gift, but hey It looks good on me. It comes with the Lando Ragged Jeans in Charcoal, a ball cap (not pictured), got Style Tee, and awesome 3D Movie Glasses. Shoes are a old purchase from [ JP ]:dsg.. The hair is Ava, made by Truth, in caramel (250L). Ears are by Lemon Tea - Elven Ears Simple, 175L on Marketplace. 


Shopping List:

Mimi's Boutique
Pixel Box
[ JP ]:dsg.
Lemon Tea
Photo Location:
Taliferrue's Top Secret Photo Studio

Created using my (CTS) Wardrobe Hud, The poses inside are from the following creators:
  - AAA Poses (Ella Bremer)
  - Klassy Kitty Designs (Darius Scientist)
  - *Le Freak* (Lonka Simondsen)
  - Niamhinations! (Niamh Kleiner)
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