It's All about JANE.

Today I want to talk about JANE. Not the girl, but the store. JANE was made for the girl looking for the best in quality clothing and the most exceptional prices.
 If you have followed my blog for a while you probably know that most of the basics for my outfit are from JANE. There are four basic items I recommend everyone pick up from JANE.
First is the Needful Things Rompers (See above off white top). This is good when you have a jacket to wear or need a top to go under another with a straight line across your breasts. They come in 31 colors and the great thing about it, it's free!

Next is the Intrinsic Tank (see above green top), It is a cute basic halter top perfect for wearing under other tops for modest coverage. It is also free, you get all 31 colors. Just look for the signs under the Subscriber at the front of the store.

Then is my absolute favorite top frome JANE, The Lace Cami (see above red top). I love the lace details over the top of my breasts, it looks really cute peeking out from under an over-shirt. You can buy individual color packs with 3 shades in them for 50L or buy the greedy pack with all the colors in them for 250L.

Lastly are the Drew Long Sleeve shirts, these are awesome for wearing under vests or jackets, gives a nice refined look. These are also 50L for the individual color packs or 250L for greedy bags.

JANE is really good at giving out high quality gifts. Even if you do not buy the Lace Cami or the Drew Long Sleeve Shirt be sure to go by and get the two free greedy packs and join the subscriber. By joining the subscriber you will be kept up on all the news in the store, privy to special gifts and sales. Plus as an awesome bonus you get the Grace Dress (MESH) free in three colors!

If you like the style of the Grace Dress then you will need to be sure to check out the new mesh line-up, all affordably priced at 250L each and the greedy packs are 495L. The greedy pack contains three colors. (Click the images to see the dresses in better detail.)
In the first picture is the Jenelle. It is a mesh dress. I am afraid my picture does not really do it justice. It is a deep crimson with V design and comes in copper, graphite and raspberry(worn). Beside it we have one of my favorites in this line-up, the Kelsey. It is mesh dress. It comes in cedar, quarry and salmon. I am wearing the salmon dress. I love the way this fits - just adorable.
This one is like the Kelsey, its called the Petals, it is a mesh dress. This one has pretty petal designs on the skirt. Petals comes in pale gold, raspberry and turquoise. The next mesh dress, Serra and I both adore, it really reminded me of the old shows I watched as a kid that took place in the late 60's. It is very retro-ish and hip looking. It's called Thistle. The pattern just screams gotta have fun. It comes in a brown and pink.
Now jump forward from the 60's to the 90's and slip into a comfortable oversize mesh Tee dress. This style of dress is called Trellis. It comes in avocado, concord and navy. Next to it is the mesh dress, Emily. This dress screams comfort, I would bet in real life it would be made out of a soft flowy cotton. It comes in apricot, chili and mahogany.
Now it's no secret I love flowers on my clothing and this little number, Sparrow, just makes my face light up in joy at wearing it. It is a mesh dress that comes in three colors: a pale gold, quarry (pictured above) and rose. The detailing on this one is simply splendid. Next to it, is the mesh dress Sweetie. This one makes me smile just like the Thistle dress did. Both are the same style of dress just different patterns. I think both just look so darn comfortable. It comes in cherry, ochre and raven.
This lovely over-sized tee dress is called Shane, it is like the Trellis dress but comes in fawn (worn), graphite and raven. This really reminds me of my college days with all my girlfriends out on the town looking for trouble innocent fun. And the last of the new mesh releases is Tangled. It is like Emily in style and screams I am comfy wear me on a nice summery day. I loved the patterns on this set. It comes in cedar(worn), charcoal, and khaki.

Even though I only have shown mesh dresses above, it's important to note that JANE has a lot of amazing non-mesh outfits for sale.  Here are a few of my favorite non-mesh pieces.
The first two shirts above are the Betsy tank, It comes in Black, Blue and Red. It can be worn plain or with the pretty flowers on the side. I prefer the flowered one myself. It costs 80L for individual colors and 150L for the greedy pack.

The next shirt is the flowy Francie so innocent, at 100L. It only comes in white but there are 3 versions you can choose from. I love the quality on this shirt. You can pick and choose your layers on the lace and ruffles to create the look you want.

Next I wanted to show you the Port Crop Trousers. They come in three colors, cream, khaki, and navy, with two cuff styles; turned up and turned down. I personally adore the turned up look. You can purchase the colors individually at 100L or go all out on the greedy pack for 195L.

Lastly, one of my all time favorites is the Melody Cardigan, it comes in gold, cherry and salmon. These are perfect for completing any modest outfit you are putting together. Great over summer dresses too! You can pick these up for the same price as the Port Crop Trousers, the colors individually at 100L or go all out on the greedy pack for 195L.

Okay so as you can see I can talk all night about JANE, now it is up to you to go check it out. Till the next time, take care
~ Taliferrue.

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