April Group Gifties

I don't know about you but one of the great things I love each month are the great group gifts you can find. Group gifts are a great way to see the quality and design skills of a creator before spending your hard earned L's. I always recommend hitting scribos and joining the groups to get a sneak peak on what designers are up to. Below are a couple gifts I fell in love with this month. Enjoy.

Back Pose is by Amacci. Pose 1 in the Back Pose Collection. The front pose is created using my AO by Vista Animations. Adorable Green Skirt and top is called Missy. It is the group gift from Unique Clothing,    The group is free to join. You can locate it and other great gifts behind the service desk. The darling vivid green Marilyn Heels are from Deviant Designs. South Sea Pearl Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet are Maxi Gossamer  . I love her Jewelry.  The lovely short hair do is b.sassafras nutmeg by Analog Dog. Shape is a creation of my own and the skin is from Pink Fuel - Alyx <Hazel>, no longer available.

Next adorable outfit is for him and her. B!ASTA always puts out matching outfits so this months Group Gift is Sweets for My Sweets (Her) and Easter Holidays (Him). The group gifts are free but it does cost 50L to join group. Which you wont regret spending because B!asta always has great gifts and sales for group members. Plus there is a huge past gift wall you can visit for other great freebies.

I am wearing along with the B!asta group gift, my favorite South Sea Pearl Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet  from Maxi Gossamer . My latest favorite hair style, Sassifras from Analog Dog. My skin is no longer available but is  from Pink Fuel, if you like what i am wearing check out their Elly series it is really close to it. Wings are from Favole, entangle. I forgot to write down the pose I used so I can not credit my pose, apologies to the creator.

Mel is wearing the B!asta group gift Easter Holidays (Him) and  Bangarang - Seal Brown hair by Yasyn. Pose is by Stakey - Quiet Confidence 01.

Take care till the next great find, I must work on my inventory now..it is such a MESS!

[0-10L items]

Unique Clothing

[Non-Free Items]

Deviant Designs
Maxi Gossamer
Crimson Nights BDSM & RLV Community and Hang Out

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           Taliferrue's Top Secret Photo Studio

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