Be Reckless Today! Run away go shopping!

It's a new week...Mondays make me moody. I was looking over my overflowing note cards and saw one for BeReckless, a newer little clothing shop for women.  I thought to myself.. sure.. why not.. lets be reckless and abandon our inventory clean up (dodges Serra's glare of death).  

Hopping over to  BeReckless , I beheld a most delectable sight... a group gift! A pretty darn adorable-I-got-to-have-that group gift at that too! So I clicked it and saw it was in my price range... FREE! Yes, free to join and free to buy! All mine! Off to home I bounced to put my new pretty little mesh dress on.
And adorable I was till I discovered, no shoes... I have no shoes to go with it! What ever was I to do! Then I remembered that its been ages since I have been to  Felicity Shoes to check and see if they have any new group gift shoes. Felicity has some of the cutest shoes I have found and if you join her group for 30L, you get to pick up at least 10 free pairs of shoes as a group member. Pose by  Label Motion  - Dana Pose.
Once again the SL gods were with me, there before me as a group gift were the pretty, pretty green Gianna Shoes. I napped them thanking Felicity in a silent good thoughts her way, and as I looked up to send my silent thoughts to her my eyes beheld the Gianna fat pack.. so I one upped the good thoughts and nabbed all the colors for an awesome price. The shoes come in a folder so no unpacking necessary. Slipping them on to my little bare toesies, I decided to take a look around at all the other stores . 
Felicity, it seems does not only do shoes but also creates furniture and garden supplies. Pose by Felicity, in her altar build.
In my wanders, I found many outdoor items that I couldn't resist playing on. 
There are Gazebos, small altars, swings, fountains, landscape supplies and more! Pose by Felicity in her Gazebo Build.
The Wings are by Favole, 60L, Entangle. These wings are part of my normal outfits in SL. I have a friend that tells me I am the cutest girl with chicken wings in SL - Pfft Chicken wings.... *Smiles*
The hair I am wearing is by Tameless Hair, 199L - Norine. I recently discovered Tameless hair and am really impressed with the designs. The price is really reasonable for such a nice quality hair. If you go to the main store in world there is a group gift you can pick up for free. Also I noticed on Marketplace several of her hairs are on sale for 99L each! Pose by Amacci Back Pose 6.
The darling skin is by Pink Fuel. Shape is by Wow Skins, Lory. And the necklace is by Maxi Gossamer called Giselle Opal Set  in Tangerine. It matched so well! I love her jewelry designs. If you have not checked her stuff out lately -- It's time to go back, she put out a ton more amazing pieces to spice up your wardrobe. Pose by Label Motion Carola Pose 3.
Pose by Frozen Panty Poses - Just Stand1.

And with that distraction, whittling down my evening, I am back to doing my inventory in hopes my guilt on slacking off won't be so bad tomorrows. Take care everyone!

[0-10L items]

BeReckless (Dress, free groupgift, free to join group)

Felicity Shoes (Shoes, free groupgift, 30L to join group)

[Non-Free Items]
WoW Skins (shape)
Maxi Gossamer (necklace)
Pink Fuel (skin)
Favole (wings)
Lemon Tea (ears)
Tameless (hair)


Frozen Panty Poses

[Photo Locale]

Felicity Shoes (Shoes, free groupgift, 30L to join group)

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