Fashioncentric Hunt: Soulful Beauty

Fashioncentric Hi5! Hunt

Runs: April 1st - 30th
Cost: Free
Find: Orange Triangle with a White Hand on It.

Click on the "JOIN NOW" sign at the Fashioncentric Hunt Hideaway to join the Fashioncentric group. Wear your group tag - grab FREE gifts from the Wall of Designers and search for 5 FREE Exclusive Fashioncentric Hunting Gear gifts hidden around the hideaway!

Sometimes I find a gift from a store that just inspires me to play. I really enjoy those. The following pictures are some that I created featuring the Fashioncentric hunt gift from Beauty Code.  Beauty Code features realistic high quality skins, shapes, eyes and accessories. The skin is called Hallie - Dream Dark. It is such a beautiful creamy brown, I couldn't wait to put it on. The face is so expressionistic.
Such a soulful look, I thinks. Eyes are by Kyxe - Sienna. The silver and black gauged nose piercing is from the Fashioncentric hunt gift from Toxxic Ink. The earrings are also a gift from Beauty Code.
I felt the first picture was a bit too serious for my mood so I cracked out my handy "Anypose" a free facial and hand posing HUD, it's free on marketplace and made her laugh and laugh. The arm sleeve tattoos are part of the Fashioncentric gift from Toxxic Ink.
Her hair is from !BooPerFunK! Freaky PUFFS on marketplace for 100L. The necklace and bracelets are from the RM-Design Fashioncentric hunt gift. RM-Designs features clothing for both men and women, worth checking out in world. The bright cheery nails are Ben's Beauty Fashioncentric gift. They come in size 10 & 20. You can see the accessories closer up in the pictures further below.
Here is the complete outfit she is wearing in its entirety. It is the Fashioncentric gift from Punky Chicks. The outfit comes with three different shirt styles so you can layer them to get just the look you're going for. The poses in the picture are from The Muse Poses Fashioncentric gift. You get 4 awesome poses - Helen 1-4. Poses have to be the best darn gift there is. I have a huge pose collection. 
Due to the size of the pose image you can't see the clutch from Azoury's Fashioncentric gift. It's very highly detailed. You can also get a closer look at the nails from Ben's Beauty  and bracelets from RM-Design. (see below).
And the final piece of this outfit this evening are the really cool boots from Drakke! Chopper boots. These little babies are awesome, as are almost all designs from Drakke! I have never been disappointed with anything I have gotten from there. They come with a hud that you can change the ornament on the boots. The gift contains boots for men and women.

And with that I am off, ya'll take care and be sure to share any awesome freebie finds!

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