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Thought I would share a few of the notices I got this week on some great items designers have just released! Please note I copied the text directly from the note card. If it says I or we or anything like that it is the designer talking not me. I have no claim on any of these great designs other than being a fan of the designer.

Special Sales @ 1 HUNDRED

Kawaii Fair!

The Kawaii fair is an adorable festival celebrating everything cute! This event is so much fun with cuteness around every corner. Some of SL's finest designers have come together to create for the totally precious Kawaii theme :) ! The Kawaii Fair runs from April 1st - 28th.  


Flawless Spring Sale! 

The always charming Flawless Sim is having a huge Spring Sale with over 50 designers participating! All of the designers will be offering an amazing 50L item with many other great items in their stores and on their carts. Here is 1 Hundred.'s $50L item for the sale.

Only $85L for our Uptown Sweater in Olive, this stylish sweater is a great addition to any wardrobe!

  A new $50L item  three weeks out of every month just for you!

Brandy's Attic
New From 1 Hundred. for $100L @ Brandy's Attic a new sale spot that focuses on vintage designs for 175L or less.



← Fashioncentric Hi5! Hunt Gift
Free till April 30.

April Group Gift →


Artizan's Pose Box Organizer at the Pose Fair now!

Demos and the first release version are now available exclusively at Pose Fair.  Pose Box is the animation version of the popular inventory backup/organiser/building helper, Backup Box. (also done Fast Notes for notecards and Builders Backpack for object rezzing, andslowly getting through each file type. Sound Box will be out next.)

New features will be added in future, most likely a multi-user version and HUD version, but first would like  more feedback about how people will use it and the features they need. The current version at a special introductory price, exclusively at Pose Fair, to give you a chance to try it out and report which features you use most and what else would be useful for you. As always, existing owners get free updates sent automatically whenever a new version comes out.

What the Pose Organizer Does:
۰ Stores unlimited animations
۰ Displays animations on pose stand
۰ Multiple methods to choose animations
     - search by partial name
     - cycle through contents
     - choose from list
۰ Copies selected animations (single or list) to other rezzed objects
۰ Automatically detects nearby objects for sending (no need to use UUID keys)
۰ Shows summary of contents in hovertext.
۰ Invisible option for photography (hides box and hovertext).
۰ Secure - can only be used by owner (or up to 3 others specified by UUID in multi-user version).
۰ Copy - make multiple copies for specific categories or purposes.
۰ Modify - Rename and change appearance as desired.

Park Place Home Decor Announcements

Park Place Home Decor has some awesome buys this week. Go by and check out all their great furniture and be sure to pick up the Make Home Over Hunt Gift
Make Home Over Hunt
April 5th - May 5th
Cost: Free
60L 60L
49L 49L 75L

Junque Mail from Rowena Paine

There's a new greenhouse set for Tinies in the vendor. Just waiting for you to fill it with flowers; and a great deal for $100! Comes with the greenhouse, potting bench, stool, shelves, plants, chair and footstool, and a snack trolley.

Dreamscapes Art Gallery News

Earth Day!
New release for Earth Day! Apple tree and bee hives :) On sale for 99L$ until monday!

A charming new daybed in soft colors, comes with lots of female/male/couples animations!
60L Weekend Deals!

Three great offers this week,
 only 60L$ each!


These Boots are controlled by an easy to use LOW LAG HUD.  You can change the colour of the Boots itself, Laces, Lace rings, and Sole via the hud.  There are 12 Tartan or Plaid textures to also choose. There are literally thousands of options from grunge to bright fun colours. All custom Leather textures.


100L Gown/Dress Sale @ Ever An' Angel Mainstore

ALL of the formal gowns and cocktail dresses will be marked down to 100L for this weekend ONLY in  the Gown/Dress Store! Midnight SLT on Sunday the sale ends and everything goes back to it's original price.  While you are there grabbing up all that dress wonderfulness, look in the Casual & Shoe & Jewelry stores as well! There will be two 0L pieces in the Casual & Shoe Stores and one 0L piece in the Jewelry Store!!.
You will also get to see Ever's incredibly beautiful new release "Paint" in the Casual Store. The mesh skirt and layered tops with gorgeous jewelry are to DIE for! Here's a peak at "Paint".

 Get Going to the Ever An' Angel Mainstore Now!

New Release @ :: BeautyCode :: Mainstore

Hello Girls, A new skintone from our collection "Sophia" is out now.... A skin for all of you who like it a little tanned :-)  It comes in the Skintone "Cocoa" with 10 Makeups and is now available in our Mainstore!

NEW RELEASE - Skin Sophia - Cocoa:

PREVIOUSLY RELEASED - Skin Sophia - Coffee:

Take care and enjoy all the great deals!
~ Taliferrue
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