*Squeals Loudly* Ohs so Kawaii!

Kawaii : An adjective in Japanese meaning " pretty; cute; lovely; charming; dear; darling; pet" It's stem is two kanji meaning "can love". It is commonly used by anime and manga fans. 

Example: The following outfits are so kawaii (insert squeal here)!

If you have not done so yet, hop over and check out the Kawaii Fair. It runs from April 14-28th and has a sim full of really adorable items. I have a couple fun things  to share with you tonight from the  Kawaii Fair  and the Fashioncentric Hunt.

The Shino skins and shape can only be found at the Kawaii fair right now. After the fair the skins will be in the main store at Style by Kira on the Flawless Sim. The Sexy Bish Kawaii Fair gift (0L) is a wearable floating cupcake cutie with face animations and wearable stacked cupcake cuties with tongue. The cute bow is from Zephyr, free from the Fashioncentric Hunt.  
The Mesh Jeans are from Option, as a free gift in the Fashioncentric Hunt. I was impressed with the jeans but had to use another alpha layer from a different set of clothing to wear them since the one that came with it was for the jeans and top from options. So you can't wear the top or jeans separately, that will definitely limit you on what you can wear with these jeans or top unless you have another pant alpha layer. The cute Heatwave top is from 1 Hundred for the Kawaii Fair only 85L and comes in multiple colors, see further down for more shots of this cute top. The hair is a newer rigged mesh hair by Truth, Lori (250L).
Also from 1 Hundred is the adorable & cute "I'm Sweet Tee & Panties* set for 100L. Now these are going in my too cute to get rid of folder. Just adorable! The large cupcake is the one I mentioned above from  Sexy Bish. It was fun to ride around the sim on this baby. Too darn cute. I wanted to show you the cute little flats you also get as a part of the gift from Option, in the Fashioncentric Hunt. 
Next up I have some really cute tops to share with you from .evolve. - .kawaii.shirt.  This adorable shirt comes in 4 different designs.  Each purchase includes the shirt on all layers, including a tattoo layer.  They can be purchased individually or in a pack. Poses are by W&R - Cute Lino Collection (4Poses). The underwear is from the "I'm Sweet Tee & Panties* set for 100L by 1 Hundred.
The final ensemble I want to share with you is a mash up of three item styles you can get from the Kawaii Fair. The tops are a mix from 1 Hundred, the Heatwave top (Ruffled Tube Top) and the Spring Morning Top (tank with lowered sleeves). The adorably colorful printed mini skirts are the .evolve.qtpie.mni. This super short mesh mini skirt is available in 7 different pattern options. Each purchase includes 4 rigged sizing options, 1 non-rigged size option and 2 alpha layers.  The lovely jewely is by Maxi Gossamer, Ashanti, 99L comes with Necklace(1 disk or 3) and Earrings. The Rainbow colored hair is the new group gift from Truth- Bunny.  Poses are by The Muse Poses - Felix & Bag issue collections.

And with that, take care everyone and have a great day!

[Event Details]

     Name: Kawaii Fair
     Runs:  April 14-28Th

     Name: Fashioncentric Hi5! Hunt
     Runs: April 1st - 30th
     Cost: Free
     Find: Orange Triangle with a White Hand on It.

[0-10L items]

[Non-Free Items]

      Maxi Gossamer
      Truth Hair
      Style by Kira
       1 Hundred


[Photo Locale]

     Taliferrue's Top Secret Photo Studio

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