Bit of Goodness all in Mesh!

Evening all, Sorry on the lack of posts for the last few days. Been down with the flu or nasty cold, not sure what it was... didn't really have the energy to argue with it so I just slept.

I wanted to share with you some of Jane's newer mesh  releases. She has released several new styles of tank tops and a lovely set of multicolored shorts.
I don't know about you but I have had a hard time finding a pair of mesh shorts that do not make my butt look like a huge bubble. If this is you too, let me reassure you Jane's mesh shorts do not have this horrid effect, your cute butt will still be there in these lovely shorts. They come in six colors, each color is sold separate for 185L.

There are so many designs to pick from in the coordinating tank tops. I had trouble picking the ones to feature. They all fit well and the quality  is top notch,as always from Jane. Each mesh top is 175L, totally worth it, try the demos in the store to see for yourself! Left to right in the picture above is "Orchard Green", Happy Bows - Beeswax",  Cherry Bomb - Red White" Flocked and floral Chili", and "Dee, Dee Melon".

The lovely Serena - White Pearls Teardrop necklace and earrings are mesh and created  by Maxi Gossamer 299L. The lovely short hair style is Tameless Hair Elizabeth, 99L per color pack . Shape is also a creation of Tameless, Liv shape, only available with the full avatar for 299L. The gorgeous skin is from Pink Fuel - Alyx <Hazel>, no longer available. Wings are Entangle by Favole, 60L. Shoes are [: B!ASTA :] -Summer Fun - TC Leather Flats, Color change for 150L. Poses by WetCat.

Well I am off to crawl into bed for more sleep. Y'all take care and see you the next great find!

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