The Legend of Bog Alley - an adventure in breedables

As most know I am kind of obsessed with Meeroos, love them, adore them, own a million of them, well maybe not that many but its a lot. But lately, I don't know...I have been what I might called bored, unsettled and not really sure where to go with them. So with Serra covering the RFL Breedable Fair, I thought I might jump over and take a look at all the new breedables and see if there is one that might interest me.

I have to say I was surprised to see the variety of new breedables. There were quite a few that reminded me of meeroos, I stopped and played around at their displays but they were not really what I was looking for. The KittyCatS display stopped me I have been wanting a few of them, so I hopped to the main store and picked up a couple of their starter cats before hopping back to the fair. I'm not really wanting to breed them, I just wanted some as pets. I think they are adorable laying around.

The number of fighting breedables were interesting, I looked at the Fennux and thought about pre-ordering but  to be honest they looked too close to meeroos. I wanted something different. BattleBeast were neat looking as were the Sharks. But I am not much into fighting; I rather pamper and the Sharks only seemed to swim around. Not much on fishing. I was getting ready to give up when I saw this little spotted hopping creature racing down a path in the display of Bog Alley Breedables. It was going so fast...I had to cam fast.

And it was gone down the path before I could lock on it for a close view, so I wandered closer to see the display and saw a huge sign saying "coming soon" with a family of these long legged and long eared, lizard shaped headed rabbit things...I didn't know what to really call them or to make of them.

The little sleeping baby had a bubble show up over it's head and disappear quickly. The baby in the nest was so adorable. I stood waiting for the bubble to appear again, it showed a book with a little quill. 
Behind the family of these creatures is a huge sign announcing that the adventure begins! Curious I click it and get a note card, it's contents are as follows:

Welcome to Bog Alley Breedables! 

Bog Alley Breedables is a new and unique approach to breedables in SecondLife®. Our platform is much more then just a breedable platform. If all you want is to breed our creatures without participating in the rest of what we have to offer, you will find it easy and familiar. If all you want is a friendly pet to play with from time to time in SL - you can do that too, at little or no cost. While our platform is flexible enough to give you those choices, we hope that as you become familiar with us and our little friends, you will become as excited about the rest of the adventure as we have. Our team is like a (very talented) family, and we are working hard to bring our vision to you, here in SL, and beyond. We invite you to join us as we spend a little time to finish our work, and lend us your ideas and suggestions as well, so that we can make Bog Alley Breedables the best and most innovative breedable platform in SecondLife® . To that end please join our group: Bog Alley Breeadables. 

The Adventure Begins! The Legend of Bog Alley is an interactive adventure. A tale that unfolds over time to reveal the mysteries of Bog Alley, an ancient, magical place, where a community of creatures thrives along the overflowing banks of the Froghorn river.

The characters in our tale have distinct personalities and are inter-related in ways that enhance their abilities... to breed, to play, and even to fight when necessary to keep Bog Alley vibrant and alive. They each have a story to tell and secrets to reveal. As you discover those secrets, and gain their trust, you will adventure beyond the Froghorn's banks where challenges and quests are waiting in abundance. 

As you complete these challenges you will be rewarded in many ways; gathering tools, resources, potions and even treasure! Your bounty will aid you and your Bogs as the adventure unfolds. But beware, there may be dark times ahead for Bog Alley, and danger lurking for its inhabitants. They will need your help to prepare them for the worst! As you care for them, fulfill their needs, increase their number, and teach them skills, they will be better prepared for the trials ahead.

As your Bogs are growing they will share their dreams with you. If you fulfill them they will be all the happier for it! But while the young may dream of treats and toys, as they grow up they dream of finding a mate and starting a family of their own! You can ignore them, and put up with their occasional tantrums, but we hope that the softhearted amongst you will allow them to fulfill their destiny :-) A happy and trusting Bog will share their secrets more readily, and with those secrets in hand you will be able to breed them more successfully and better meet the challenges that are placed in your path. 
This is our vision for Bog Alley Breedables and we will be working tirelessly behind the scenes to to keep Bog Alley vibrant and evolving. There is a lot in the works and we hope you will join us in Bog Alley as... The Adventure Begins!

The Bog Alley Breedables Dev Team.
Divine Nitely - Artiste Extraordinaire and visionary mother of Bog Alley
Bjorn Cristole - Wizardly Crafter of all things born and breedable
Gypsy Paz - Gifted Gadgeteer and keeper of nifty bits and pieces
Viral - Disembodied Brainiac that keeps the gears oiled
Joshe Darkstone - Grumpy Old Man that we can't seem to get rid of... we've tried

Our heartfelt thanks to those that help...
A.D. For his willing ear, his keen eye, and his wise council
Norty Jezebel - For her steady hand, her lovely voice, and soothing effect on grumpy old men
Angelus Bunin - For his long hours and tireless efforts to get the word out
Lastat Daxter - For his help getting started and his dedication to our vision

I noticed a flicker to my right and saw that one of these creatures appeared on the stump that had been empty a second before. So I wandered over to examine it closer as it bobbed a bit on the stump as if it was wanting to hop down.

I noticed this one was different from the one with the baby to the left, this one has shorter ears and a different tail. I wonder if that is a breedable trait thing or is it a gender thing.

As I watched this bizarre critter it hopped down off the stump and wandered over to visit the family I had just left, and then shortly hopped down the purple path, around the corner deeper into the display. 

I followed, stopping at the book with the lovely fairy just beyond it's empty stump. The old tome sat open with a picture of a bog or forest. It contained a poem and upon clicking it I received the same note card I got from the larger sign and an invite to the Bog Alley Breedables Group, which I joined.

Going around the corner I see another family clustered around a little one that seems to have fallen on its back in a puddle of goo. There is a little one on a top shaft playing with the tail of one of the larger creatues. Its so adorable to look at.  To the right of the family is a chest, clicking it I received a folder titled "Bog Ally Breedables". In the folder was a  Bog Alley Breedables - Grassland Hair Baby and a note card introducing Patter.

There are many creatures coming soon from Bog Alley Breedables! Grassland Hares are only one and are eager to start their adventure with you.

Meet Patter, one of the Pitter Patter twins... right now shes sleeping but you can watch her dreams and she will let you know when new things are afoot in Bog Alley. Tickle her feet to see what she's dreaming about and Just click her dream bubble to find out what's happening!

Look at the size of these critters!!
The Legend of Bog Alley is a tale that unfolds over time to reveal the mysteries of Bog Alley, an ancient, mystical place, where many types of creatures thrive in the bog, along the banks of the Froghorn river. Each of them has a story to tell and secrets to reveal. With those secrets in hand you will be able complete the challenges and quests that will enhance your creatures abilities, to breed, to play, and even to fight when necessary to protect their sacred home! 

Join us as the adventure begins! 
- Bog Alley Breedables

Our first quest is waiting for you now - and theres gold to be found!
Our second quest - Revealing the Core - is up! See a sneak peek into the creatures of Bog Alley.


Now that got my attention, I love quests and this is starting to sound so interactive.

The Grassland Hare bounced by me once more on its path of exploration reminding me I had some exploration to do myself. 

So I tore myself away from the family with the sticky baby and wandered on down the path to see what awaits me.

Rounding the corner, I saw the hare by a rope on the ground, hover text suggested it might come in handy so I picked a copy up.

Clicking on the rope I climbed high up into the foliage to come to a small hut at the top. Looking down I could see the small grass hare who led me down the path continuing on his journey without me. 

Upon clicking the portal, my map opened to show me a water covered sim with two islands. This was the Home of Bog Alley Breedables

Swallowing my squeal of glee I clicked the portal and took my first step forward landing on the home island.

Exploring around I found a scroll on the ground,wearing it I discovered it was a hud. In a seashell close by I found the instructions to starting the quest.

This is where I shall stop my narrative on your journey in discovering this breedable and their wonderful story.

Here are the links you need to do some exploring on your own:

Bog Alley Website
*You will make an account as you do the quest on the site.*

Home and Garden Expo Link

Bog Alley Breedable Home Sim

Group Joiner
*be sure to get the "1000 members up the rope gift" from notifications*

I am thoroughly enchanted with this breedable and cannot wait till they are released. I love the idea that they are so interactive. I am very curious to know how they will breed and all the traits. If there had been pre-orders I would have been all over it, instead I must sit and wait until beta testing is over and then pounce!

*sits staring at her baby grass hare in enchantment.*
Take care till the next quest!

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