Home & Garden Expo 2012: Sim 12

Welcome to the twelfth chapter of my photo book for the Home and Garden Expo 2012.This year marks the 5th anniversary of the Home & Garden Expo benefitting Relay For Life of Second Life. 

Home & Garden Expo 2012: Sim 12

Sponsored by:
Roawenwood (2nd level Sponsor)
Dream Seeker Estates (underwriter sponsor)

Saturday, May 19th through the 28th.

This year’s extravaganza will span 14 Second Life sims, with more than 100 exhibits, Entertainment and lots of fun activities including the RFL Breedables Fair. 
Hope you find something you like!

A    Morphe Inc.  - abel.dreamscape
This was one huge elaborate castle! It was a lot of fun exploring and getting lost inside. The furniture and accessories fit very well with the atmosphere of the castle

B     Dream Seeker Estates (underwriter sponsor) - Tinker DreamSeeker

If you are seeking a new home, it seems you can find reasonable rates at Dreamseeker estates, check their rate signs at their display.

C    Creative Fantasy Home & Garden  - pat.sheridan
This was a spectacular county garden and cottage. I LOVED it. amazing landscaping, tons of little details to stumble about and see. Must see display!

D    KISMET - SPONSOR  - cierra.anatine
Here is another amazing Manor house to explore. I am always amazed with the level of details builders are able to recreate.

E     Roawenwood  - searlait.nitschke
Here is a familiar face, Roawenwood does not fail to awe. Be sure to check their amazing display. It's a trip to a fantastic old world setting.

F     LOTTIE Garden & Home  - laetitia.aluveaux
These little mechanical teddy bears are just enchanting. I really like little things like this.

G    reBourne Prefabs  - suite.sella
I fell in love with this prefab house. It is amazing. If you would like to see my full review on it check out the post on the 20th.

H    T R I D E N T  - laufey.markstein
Trident's display is a wonderful walk back into the past. Its a charming farm setting. I was really excited to explore. Little did I know....
they would put me to work.... They made me groom a cow creature!

then they made me milk it! And just when I thought I was done....
They made me shear goats or sheep...idk.. I am a city girl!! TRAUMA!!
Just joking, they didn't make me do anything. I did have a great time looking around here. They always do great period builds for RPing.  I thought their blacksmith setup had excellent details.

I      Bearsfoot Beaches  - tropical.bearsfoot
Nestled on the corner of this old world sim sits Bearsfoot Beaches, a gorgeous beach getaway. Bearsfoot is actually one of my favorite stores. I buy a lot of my landscaping accessories from them. For the Expo they have some new items that are wonderful.

Like these darling kites, now you can add them to your beach to add character. They flow back and forth in the wind. Simply beautiful to watch.
If you are looking for something for your cottage garden they have a nice selection of gazebos/seating areas.
They make the most adorable wind chimes. The chimes are so peaceful to listen to.
Another new item is this cool wind  ribbon, it whips around  flowing pretty as do the kites.
For your beach, they have a great bar. It is decorated with swirling colorful ribbons you can purchase to decorate your home. They twist and twirl so much fun to watch.

Off we go to Sim 13, see ya there!

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