Home & Garden Expo 2012: Sim 13

 Welcome to the thirteenth chapter of my photo book for the Home and Garden Expo 2012.This year marks the 5th anniversary of the Home & Garden Expo benefiting 
Relay For Life of Second Life.

Home & Garden Expo 2012: Sim 13

Sponsored by:
Prim Perfect
Park Place Home Decor (2nd level Sponsor)
Dream Seeker Estates (underwriter sponsor)

Saturday, May 19th through the 28th.

This year’s extravaganza will span 14 Second Life sims, with more than 100 exhibits, Entertainment and lots of fun activities including the RFL Breedables Fair. 
Hope you find something you like!

A    Mission Home Store  - troy.vogel
I love this style of architecture, it reminds me of the Frank Loyd Wright house I visited once. So pretty in the detailing.

B     Dream Seeker Estates (underwriter sponsor) - Tinker DreamSeekerhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamseeker%20Home%20Expo13/120/188/23

If you are seeking a new home, it seems you can find reasonable rates at Dreamseeker estates, check their rate signs at their display.

C    [LeeZu!] Furniture  - leezu.baxter
This was such a pretty home, I loved the colors, it was so soothing to sit in and take a break.

D    HomeKraft  - gm.nikolaidis
This was a neat house. I always loved tree houses, only problem with them in second life is I can't do stairs to save my life.

E    Alchemy Immortalis  - alchemy.cyannis
It's always a treat to visit a display from Alchemy Immortalis, it is always so creative in its design, whimsical and magical in atmosphere. They are selling a kit of 14 pieces that they used to build their display.
 I don't know if I would have the imagination to create what they have with only 14 shapes. There are several platforms to visit on this store. Be sure to explore.
I loved this little sitting area they had on display. It was one of many items I saw that was amazing.

F     Patron  - eliza.wierwight
Patron is a artistic display of furniture and accessories with a Asian overtone. I enjoyed looking at the the little art pieces.

G    Prim Perfect - SPONSOR  - aisling.sinclair
Prim Perfect has a lovely stage set up for one-on-one interviews with builders and other participants at the expo. Check out the schedule out front to see if your favorite designer/creator/builder is up for an interview.

H    Park Place Home Décor  - deann.dufaux
Soothing yellow and greens compliment the design of this seating set.  It has some wonderful animations.

I     Nexgen Aviation  - jessii2009.warrhol
This was an awesome place to hang out. I love the planes. I always wanted to see them in sl, but never have ran into them before. They are so cool to check out.

J     Minnesota Modern  - dijodi.dubratt
Take a gander at the artwork in this display. It's really worth a ponder.

K    AZ Emporium  - aarcher.zenovka
Outdoor landscaping needs can be met here. They have several nice displays of their goods. Check out the vendor boards for some really need items.

L    True North Designs  - dellybean.north
This cute little living room set is a petite living room set. Very charming and perfect for small ones. There are several nice pieces of furniture for petites here along with some pieces for normal size avatars.

M   Nexus Arts  - cinders.vale
This was an interesting display, I really liked the lamps they had up for the RFL item, 50L. They would make great decorations for a garden party.

One more sim to go, see ya on 14!

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