Home & Garden Expo 2012: Sim 14

Welcome to the final chapter of my photo book for the Home and Garden Expo 2012.

This year marks the 5th anniversary of the Home & Garden Expo benefiting 
Relay For Life of Second Life. 

Home & Garden Expo 2012: Sim 14

Sponsored by:
Dream Seeker Estates
Galland Homes (2nd level Sponsor)
Dream Seeker Estates (underwriter sponsor)

Saturday, May 19th through the 28th.

This year’s extravaganza will span 14 Second Life sims, with more than 100 exhibits, Entertainment and lots of fun activities including the RFL Breedables Fair. 
Hope you find something you like!

A    Envision Prefab & Décor  - ray.hoffman
Here is a cute little prefab home for those who do not have a large parcel. I have noticed that smaller homes are lacking here at the expo, so I am always happy to find those little gems.

B    C&D Designs - Styled Living  - cherelle.capra
 I loved the little accessories and furniture bits in this store. I loved the liberal use of plants and life. I am a strong believer that you are not home unless your surrounded by plants and animals. No sterile home for me.

C    Bliss Garden Center  - luna.bliss
Omg... is all i can say.. so beautiful. It's all comes in a box!  Luna Bliss  specialties in the creation of Holodeck Skyboxes that fly you to the sky on a flower and rez multiple & elaborate nature scenes (some with homes inside). I love it ...so going to visit their 4-sim public park and concert venue with hiking,

D    [RNP] Animations & Sculpts  - rohanaraven.zerbino
For all the builders this is a must stop, there are a ton of useful animations for all kinds of builds nicely displayed for easy shopping.

E    Lilleshall Luxury Low Prim Furniture  - petronilla.whitfield
Be sure to check out this little prim shop. I found this hidden out behind the building. It's a great little beach hut with a cute sitting area inside. I loved the playfulness of the design.


F     Dream Seeker Estates - SPONSOR - (underwriter sponsor) - Tinker DreamSeeker

If you are seeking a new home, it seems you can find reasonable rates at Dreamseeker estates, check their rate signs at their display.


G    Galland Homes  - robert.galland
 Here is a great beach house or lake house maybe? I love all the porches, the inside is airy and spacey.

H    Ambiance Interactive Furnishings  - desiree.bisiani
Here is a quaint school house/school house for a old country setting. It has some awesome details and deserves a visit.

I    -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles  - moriko.inshan
Here is an awesome outdoor sitting area. I picture this in a oriental rock garden.

J     made by Moo Textures / the Sculpt Depot  - moo.money / kt.syakumi
Builder's put this one on your list to visit too, there are several textures, and sculpt models to use to build themselves.

K    Garden Oasis  - mamap.beerbaum
Wow look at that green house, could you imagine taking care of all those plants?
I really enjoyed the RFL tree. I think it would look cute in my front yard, as a matter fact.

L    R(S)W Home & Garden  - (IM) robin.sojourner
 I so want this set! I love the drafting table with a drawing animations. I have been looking for a desk to set up in my house to sit out when I work on my blog so when my friends bounce in they know I am afk. This is it, I am putting it on my wish list, come pay day this set is so mine!
 I also wanted to share this awesome chair set. I love the colors and the pattern. Awesome design!

Exquisite Fountains  - christian.sandell

This is one of the great fountains around the sim, it's water changes color slowly over time. In  the time I sat and watched this one it has several colors: pink, yellow, green and  blue.

And that my dear friends is the last  store of the expo to cover. We have visited all 14 but have by no means show you everything there is to see. I hope you enjoyed the highlights and they help you with your visit to this awesome event!

Take care till the next post!

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