New Petite Blogger to the TEAM!

Hello All, Today is my first post as a blogger for Melroo's Place. I am very excited to be here. I am a noobie blogger. I know that my style is underdeveloped currently but I am excited to learn from Tali and Serra and hope to share many new items with you I find in SlL. 

I am a petite avatar in SL so I will mainly focus on them, I want to share with you the Petite Elves Avatar by Fallen Gods Inc. They are the best petite fantasy avatars I have found yet.

As you can see I am very small standing next to a full size avatar.
Petites come with 3 HUDS, one for tinting your skin as ever you wish, another for many options as: face expressions, alpha hiding of body parts, fullbright, glow and metal, plus the starter makeups  HUD. You get 3 hand poses you can combine for a natural flowing look. All of the 3 tones in each pack include PG body options and the HC option, hooves cut for satyr legs and high knee boots.comes with 3typs of head elf ears normal ears and no ears Petites also work normally with your AO, dances and animations.

Petites elves tan in the red outfit 
head with elf ears

Petites elves sunkissed in the brown outfit 
the head is the normal ears

Petites elves pale in the black outfit 
head with elf ears


Photo Details:

[Petite Mesh Avatar] 
Fallen Gods Inc.- petite elves full avatars pack  - $1,500L

[Petite Hair] 
   /wasabi pills/ orian petite mesh hair –blonds pack 110L fatpack 500L

[Petite outfits ] 
     come in the petite elves full avatars pack 

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