One for the Men

It's a lazy, lazy day...Sundays are always a day of dread for me as it is the day I always try to go through my inventory and get rid of at least a thousand items. In todays purging I found some really neat items I wanted to share, well with the men that is. Ladies enjoy the eye candy.

Game Time

Modeled above is an outfit from B&T Mesh Studio. It comes with Top and Shorts (shoes, socks and a hat with hair not pictured). B&T has some really nice mesh men's clothing. Mel is wearing the small and he is by no way a small avatar, so it's sized for our beloved Alpha males.

I do want to mention that the photo above is photo-shopped to fill in the inside of the pant legs with gray as a small annoying thing about mesh outfits is the inside is transparent. I hear they have worked out a way around that now with newer mesh outfits.  The Neon Mesh Sneakers are also from B&T. They are re-sizable and very high detail, 249L.

 The pose is bball_Xover from the Original Syn Hoop Dreams pose set off Marketplace for 75L. The location for the photo is at the Untouchable City, a moderate sim. It has a supermarket, school, skating rink, bowling alley, basketball, post office, fire department, police department, photo studio, stores and a ton more. Serra and I had a ton of fun there playing on all the neat games and checking the sim over. If you need a place for a bit of fun and distraction take your friends and visit.

Feel The Beat

Ever had a pose that is really cool but you just don't know exactly how to structure the photo around it. This is one of those poses. It's called Flow 02 by Frozen  Panty Poses, part of the flow collection. I have been wanting to use it for a while now so was very tickled when the idea for this photo came to me.

Mel is wearing Mango's Men's group gift, free to join, with B&T Mesh Studio's Neon Sneakers. If you never have visited Mango's I suggest you do, the atmosphere there is amazing and they have a wide range of clothing for men and women. The eye photos are amazing to look at, very vivid. One of these days I'll try to get a set to show you. The dog tags are a free group gift from Kennedy's. The Adam shape is a free group gift from [dirty.little.secret].

And that is all for today, take care till the next post. 

[0-10L items]


[Non-Free Items]

M Solo Complete Avatar MS10 - Skin&Shape: - 299L

Bangarang - Seal Brown Hair by Yasyn - 149L


Frozen Panty Poses

[Photo Locale]

Taliferrue's Top Secret Photo Studio &  Untouchable City
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