RFL Breedables Fair

Welcome to the breedables chapter of our photo book for the Home and Garden Expo 2012.This year marks the 5th anniversary of the Home & Garden Expo benefitting Relay For Life of Second Life.

RFL Breedables Fair

Sponsored by:
BattleBeast Breedables
The Breeder's Borough

Saturday, May 19th through the 28th.


This year’s Home & Garden extravaganza spans 14 Second Life sims, with more than 100 exhibits, Entertainment and lots of fun activities including the RFL Breedables Fair.
 Hope you find something you like!

1.    Starlas  - tekluv
Off the official website:  Starlas are adorable lifeforms from a planet out amongst the stars. They contain all the DNA of the planet STARLA, which is plagued by Meteor showers that has killed off 50% of the planet. They communicate mentally and have  kinetic abilities. Humans have been entrusted in their care, to perfect their skills and send them home should those that sent them to us perish as Starlas have the power to save the planet. Read More.

2.    Bog Alley Breedables  - divine.nitely
Off the official website: More than a breedable, it's an interactive adventure! As you complete quests and discover clues you will unravel the mystery of the Bog and come to understand the role YOU play in its survival! Read More.

3.    Booshies  - booshies
Off the official website: Booshies is the breedable pet game, a host of delightful characters  guide you through an expansive world full of fantastic creatures, elemental powers and vast landscapes. The more you explore, the more you'll find -- Not just species of little critters, but tools, food and items you can craft things with. Read More.

4.    The Wonderful World of Meeroos  - moxie.polano
We got a sneak peek of the new nocturnal meeroos.
Off the official website: Meeroos are mythical creatures they were rediscovered in 1930 - you can read the lore of the Meeroos. In Second Life terms they are a breedable pet, they have AI, are very cute, and have been carefully designed to break new ground in the breedable pet market in virtual worlds.  Read More.

5.    Oceania Breedables  - nephelle.lanate
Somewhere in the depths of the ocean lurks what Second life has been waiting for.

From a creative team born of the secondary market comes the next generation of SL Breedables.
 Follow them on Plurk for more info as it comes available.

6.    GemPandas  - ziggy21.slade
Off the official website:   GemPandas features a truly magnificent breeding system with endless traits to reveal. you will discover fabulous surprises that will make your heart melt, sometimes you will be truly puzzled but never totally baffled!
GemPandas are first and foremost a breedable pet, if you just want to breed, thats fine by your GemPandas but they can do lots more too, all of these activities are totally optional and have no effect on breeding and genetics: take your Gempanda hunting,Mix the ingredients you gather and compete in spellcasting tournaments! Read More.

7.    Jingjing  - twstd.ruggles
 LZ Productions presents Jingjing Breedable Pets. Not just your average pet., its everything you want in a breedable pet and more!!!
  Off the official website:  Jingjings are lifetime companion pets to Chinese emperors gifted from the beginning of time by Pangu and the goddess Nüwa. Jingjings brought happiness, luck, joy and peace to their master emperor. These furry big eared pets have been known to bring gifts to the emperors of gold, silver and precious gemstones. Read More

8.    Khaos

There wasn't anything to show you from this spot, it was just textured and had a huge box that said Khaos is coming. So I guess we just wait for it to show up.

9.    BioBreeds  - charity.goldfarb
Off the official website: A BioBreeds breedable is a virtual pet. It’s main characteristic is that it can replicate itself through a genetic mechanism, pretty much like it happens in nature.
 Each one has certain traits that can be inherited by its offspring and, thus, passes its genes on to the next generation. BioBreeds pets breed! Read More.

10.    BattleBeast Breedables  - wynter.sommer

Off the official website: BattleBeast Breadables is a new and unique breedable animal in SL! It is an super fun Second Life experience that combines breeding, gaming and role playing. The first generation of Beasts are various species of dragons, and they have exciting plans for other beasts, beyond that! Read more on the offical BattleBeast Breedable Site.

11. Empty Lot

12.    Team Fennux  - fennux
Off the official website: Fennux are an interactive breedable pet. You can pet them, pick them up and hold them in various poses, some may even be rideable! Fennux won't die or run away, they only become ill. Fennux are able to get into little "dog fights" with other breeders' Fennux.
To get rare traits and coat you will have to "cook" a recipe that your Fennix finds. Read More.

13.    WTTJ - Welcome to the Jungle  - shantel.acoustic
Off the official website: At WTTJ our mission is to rescue real world wild tigers and to help bring them back from the edge of extinction. By adopting a Welcome to the Jungle tiger and caring for it you have taken the first steps to help the wild tiger as well. 
Our tigers do not die! We want the tigers to live on forever at least here in Second Life and they can --this does not mean however they will breed forever. Each female tiger can have 10 birth cycles in total and up to a maximum of 40 cubs, after her last cub is born she becomes a elder and gives a extra boost to your tiger streak. Read More.

14.    Ozimals  - saiyge.lotus
Off the official website: Ozimal is best known for its breedable bunnies but it also has Pufflings!
The Pufflings were an enchanted gift from Glinda, the Good Witch, to Ozma, the Empress of Oz, on her birthday. Magically brought to life from trays and trays of cream puffs, the Pufflings are a royal favorite in the palace gardens in the Emerald City. Their countless combinations make the hatching of each new egg an exciting event that Ozma attends with glee. Read more.

15.    ABC - Awesome Breed Creations  - krystal.silverweb
Off the official website: ABC is defining a new era in breedables, bringing a highly talented team along with a unique business plan to the virtual environment of Second Life. Our goal is simple: Create a Breedable animal that is “believable”, with cutting edge scripting, make it fun for anyone to use, while looking towards the future to expand and grow the breedable market and community.experience a breedable that doesn’t compromise on look, with unmatched script performance and improved physics and motion and many behind the scene improvements that really serve to make the Breedable experience more enjoyable. Read More.

16.    KittyCatS!  - callie.cline
Off the official website:The KittyCatS are an interactive, breedable cat in Second Life.  Read More. The “Time For A Cure” SteamPunk KittyCatS CAN carry the WAVY whisker trait shown on the cats. The “Time For A Cure” KittyCatS also come with unique collectible packaging, some little goggles, and include one week’s worth of food. They are randomly given so you can trade with your friends!

17.    Plantpets  - bruce.liebknecht
Off the official website: PlantPets started in 2007 as a project for creating growing flowers and plants in Second Life (SL) which interact with their owner like virtual pets. Now we offer more than 250 different plantpets including roses, orchids, hibisci, and many others. All plants are low-prim as they are temporary rezzed above their pots.
Plantpets are interactive and intelligent plants which can grow and express happiness when you take care for them. They are breedable and will give you transferable baby plantpets if kept healthy and happy over a period of time. Read More.

18.    Krazy Kitties  - +
From a Marketplace ad: Krazy Kittys have invaded Second Life! These cute, colorful kittens are born with unconventional body shapes and color combinations — but you can raise and breed them to unlock special powers and rare traits. Krazy Kittys have invaded Second Life! These cute, colorful kittens are born with unconventional body shapes and color combinations — but you can raise and breed them to unlock special powers and rare traits. Read More.

19.    Gaia Breedables  - chocobo.engineer
Off the official website: The Gaia Bird is a breedable pet, fun and highly interactive sculpted bird, with many many aspects to it. Read More.

Hope you enjoyed the tour, see ya around the RFL sims as we finish up the Home and Garden Expo!
~ Serraphena
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