Second Life Home Expo 2012: Home is where your heart is.

Today I fell in love, in love with a house that is (put down those knifes Mel). It was a stumble upon find that left both me and Serra in awe of the design, so much so I felt it deserved it's own post to show all the wonderful details and keep it in my memory because I am sure it is a design I could never afford in RL let alone in SL. It is that good.

The house is located on the Sponsored by KISMET SIM 12 it is a sneak peak of a new Dome prefab coming out by Danny Bourne & Suite Bourne of reBourne Prefabs. It is a bit suprising in it's beauty as it really doesn't look like much from the entryway. I almost walked on by it thinking it was a big ol' bowling ball house (sorry reBourne). 
It wasn't till I heard Serras' intake of breath and "Oh, my" that I paused and turned up the settings on my computer to see what she saw and then I lost my ability to think for just a second before I eagerly went forward to explore it more (I'll show you what I saw that took my breathe away after the tour). 
Upon entry you have a charming water feature to the left of the doorway, I envisioned goldfish swirling in it with a few greenery pieces to complete the peaceful setting. I was unable to angle the camera to get a really great shot of it, so you will have to check it out in person. To the right you have a swirling staircase to take you to the upper reaches of the dome and beyond it catch a glimpse into an open glass dome room.
On the upper landing you have a magnificent view out the glass dome with beautiful hexagon shadows that play across the highly detailed wood floors. The wood texturing on the walls along with the spot lighting makes the ambiance perfect for a spot of seclusion and privacy that speaks of luxury in the simplicity of a glass shower and round bed.
While downstairs you have a dining nook set off to the side with four artistic chairs and dinner settings. The great room with a huge fireplace has ample room for adding more seating to sit and ponder the beauty through the dome with your friends. 
And outside the dome, for those who love the fresh air is another fireplace, pool and lounge area. And this is what I saw as I swiveled my camera to view what made Serra gasp -- Simply beautiful.

In my curiosity and research for more information on the Dome House, I jumped to the rebourne sim to check out their other builds and see to see if I could get more information on the Dome prefab. Upon teleporting to the main store you are prompted to get a hud that allows you to teleport around the sim to view their creations in world. I have to say I had just as much fun exploring those houses as I did this one, but my heart still lays firmly in the domed house. If for some bizarre reason (ik..ik your not all like me) you do not like the dome (gasp!) I recommend you go check out the rest of their builds they have just about every style you can imagine, all as well made and almost as pretty to look at as the dome.

I was unable to find out information on pricing, prims or release date so I did what any consumer in SL will do; I bugged the creators. I was told by Suite Bourne that the best way to find out more information on when this house will be released is to join their group, reBourne inc. in world; it's free to join. She also told me that new releases are usually half off the first 24hrs of sale, so this is a definite reason to join their group.

And now, I am off to explore more at the Expo. I recommend Y'all do the same.
Take care!
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